Holidays Coming

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Happymommy - September 21

Hi everyone! I just wanted to share a happy thought that I was just having today. We were in some stores and the Christmas stuff is starting to come out (already!!??) but it made me think about the things that are coming between now and when the baby is due. For those of us in the 2nd trimester I think that it will go really fast! It always does at this time of year. First there's Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, and Valentines Day...and then it will be time for our little ones!! I am just excited at the thought and wanted to share.


melluvsmik - September 22

I know, plus IT'S THE HOLIDAYS!!!!! I love the holiday season.


jennifer_33106 - September 22

haha I had'nt really thought about it til you mentioned it!!! But OMG your right!!! I am due Feb 22 so that means I have 4 maybe five months left!!! Wow. haha Just..... Wow.


tracielee - September 22

I LOVE the holidays!! I've been in the mood for christmas since July! i've even been craving christmas cookies.. i had a few weeks in July where I was making yummy christmas goodies. Maybe that's where I gained those extra pounds already! I'm due January 8th, so for me it's cctober birthdays, halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, new year's then BABY!!!!!


ROBYN - September 22

Cant beleive all the holiday stuff coming out already its awesome!!


Happymommy - September 22

Okay--hopefully you don't think we're crazy but dh and I popped in a Christmas cd last night when we were driving home from going out to eat. Tracielee-love it that you made Christmas cookies in July! :)


tracielee - September 22

happymommy, you are NOT crazy!! I listen to christmas music now and then, and whenever there is a christmas themed movied showing on tv i just have to watch it!! This has never happened to me so early before. It must be because soon after this christmas we are getting our best gift ever! oh and I made caramel corn, chocolate dipped peanut b___ter b___s and old english toffee. i still have sugar cookies and other yummy things on my list to make. i should stop talking about it or I'll get another craving... !! :o)


sarah21 - September 24

Wow, I hadn't even really thought about how fun it will be to be big and pregnant (but still in the "honeymoon" phase of pregnancy) through the holidays. What a good distraction. And then, of course, we get to stick with our friends here and hear all about everyone else's holidays, which is always a blast! I am so excited now!!



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