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izechsmama - October 7

hey you.. havent talked to you in awhile... i posted quite a few weeks back on our other post.. but didnt hear from ya! so when are you done with work? did you have your glucose test then? hows it all? we're good.. i have officially popped.. my belly button looks hilarious... just the way my uterus is tipped right now makes it pop out worse... haha... and this little man just moves all the time.. which is good for reassurance that all is well... the ultrasound was fantastic... hes soooooooo big in there compared to last time... i'm already getting uncomfortable.. its just the stage i'm at... its an awkward stage... but anyways.. hit me back.. we need to stay in touch girl!


whatisgoingon - October 8

Hey!! I replied on your ultrasound post last week, didn't check our old post though. Was getting pretty long though so glad you started a new one :) I go for my blood glucose test tomorrow morning, hope that goes well. Get my check up at the same time also, see how big I am measuring, wonder if I am going to measure at my 29 weeks or if I will still be showing bigger again?! Will let you know. Won't get results for my blood glucose till my next appointment though. I have my first antenatal cla__s at the hospital on Wednesday evening too, I have been eagerly awaiting it :). Been struggling a little bit lately, the weather here is so hot and humid and it's not even summer yet!! This xmas will be a scorcher I think, just my luck!! I will be absolutely huge and even more uncomfortable and sweating it out in this tropical heat!! At least I have air-con at home and there are lots of pools around (can't swim in the ocean/reef here - lots of deadly stingers in warmer season). My moods have been so up and down too, it really is extreme! One minute I will be fine and happy, then next I will feel so irratated or uncomfortable, angry, sad, tearful! My gosh it's really wearing me down and my poor partner, he doesn't know what to think or do! lol - I am really hoping my little boy will be ready and healthy and able to meet the world before xmas, I really could not handle being over due, I am already having a tough time! LOL - My little man hasn't been doing as much aerobics lately, just kicks and jabs, must be deminishing in room in there lately, his feet kick me right up under the rib cage now! Ouch! It's amazing how in a matter of days or a week they can grow so much and things can change so dramatically hey!? I am just in complete awe to the whole process and only just figuring out what women meant when they referred to the 2nd trimester as the "honey moon" phase and the 3rd trimester as the "my body/mind has been robbed" phase lol. :) I only have 4 more days of work and then I am on leave, I can't wait!! I am having approx 10 weeks off before my little guy arrives, I am looking forward to being able to relax and just be a women of leisure for a while.. my life is going to change HUGELY once I give birth - I am going to soak up my private life whilst I can. :) Glad to hear that you are doing well, its funny how you really grow so much quicker and pop out so much more with your 2nd child!? I can't wait to experience that, but it will be a few years after my son is born that is for sure. Pregnancy is one of the hardest things, no make that THE hardest thing I have ever had to do or experience in life so far.. but definately the most rewarding and beautiful blessing also! xo


whatisgoingon - October 8

How are you today? Got my blood glucose testing done this morning, won't hear back from them unless there is something they wish to discuss about the results. :) Had my general check up with the Dr at the hospital too, only measuring a week ahead in size, rather than the 4 weeks ahead measurement last appointment. :) Guess I just have a healthy big boy in there! :) I see the midwives every 2 weeks now up until week 36. I am excited for my first antenatal cla__s tomorrow evening too! My partner is going to all the cla__ses with me, and I am looking forward to seeing some of the other women who are due around the same time and booked into the same hospital as me. :) I can't wait to meet my little man, I am getting quite anxious and starting to think more about the actual labour and when it will happen! The Dr said that I might come a week or two early, if I keep measuring bigger than scedule, my little man might just run out of room before 40weeks and decide to grace the world before xmas! I hope he does want to come out a week or so early, that way he can be with us all to celebrate his first xmas and bday! How special! :) xo


izechsmama - October 13

hey you! sounds like you are doing good... can't believe you'll be a mommy before we know it!!! AHHHHHHHH and i'm behind you! i'm trying to enjoy things as much as i can because this pregnancy has just gone by so much faster than my first... probably cause i have a two year old to keep me busy... i have all my appointments made and lined out on my fridge... its really wierd to see them there.. cause there really isnt all that many.. especially when at this point most of them are for two and one week... but anyways... how did your glucose go? did you get the results? do you have any more belly pics.. i need to take some.. its been awhile since the last ones... i'm glad you're measuring normal again! its so weird hearing you say that christmas will be a scorcher.. cause where i live Christmas is freezing and covered in snow!! it'll be cold from here on out for the rest of my pregnancy.. which some would think is better cause you dont have to deal with the heat.. but you still have to deal with the fact that you cant get out much and exercise cause its so cold... but anyways... so far so good on my end... people are starting to ask me when i'm due... so i guess i've offically popped... ;) and baby moves all the time... getting stronger with every kick and punch... well i suppose honey i better get off here... sorry it took me so long.. i'll check this more often now that i know we're back on the same post!!!


whatisgoingon - October 13

Glad you are also doing well, it's awesome when people start asking you when you are due - means to everyone around you that they realise you are actually pregnant & not just carrying a chubby belly or something lol. Time is going really fast isn't it, it's a little bit scary, but mostly just exciting! I can't wait to see my little boy! I have been getting Braxton Hick Contractions quite a bit over the last few days, sometimes they hurt but are mostly like a dull crampy uncomfortable feeling. I can't help but worry if that is normal, but it goes away and my boy kicks/punches and wriggles around all the time so I know all is okay. Besides every Dr visit my blood work and check up has been 100% except perhaps some slight anaemia, but I have been on the iron tablets for a month now and don't seem as fatigued, so they must be working well. I need to take some more pictures of my belly also, will do that sometime today or tomorrow I think. I can usually feel when my belly is in a growth spurt and it's quite fascinating because you can usually easily see it's a lot bigger with every week that goes by. Now I use my belly b___ton to measure the growth, lol. My belly b___ton had popped out ages ago and has been lying 'flat' to my stomach, but noticed today that it is starting to pop 'outwards' now rather than be aligned to the stomach.. hehe. I wonder how far out the belly b___ton pops? Do you know, or is it different for every person? I must say it's pretty cool being able to see the introverted side of your belly b___ton, after spending your life so far with it being hidden inside lol *small things* :)


izechsmama - October 15

hey you... with my first pregnancy my belly b___ton was flush for a long time..then it did pop all the way out... it wasnt too bad.. just like a little b___ton... i know its different with every person and pregnancy.... so how many weeks would you be? 30 right? thats unbelieveable to me! i cant believe it... i'm so excited for us! haha.... the TTC process was so long and disheartening for us... i'm just so grateful to be at the point i'm at... i'm finally over half way and everything is perfect! i'm really excited for my son to meet his brother.. hes infatuated with babies... he always tries to hold them and its really sweet.. i dont think he'll be jealous at all.. which is great~! but anyways.. well the contractions are normal..i contracted from 24 weeks til the very end with my son and some were painful some were just there... granted i did actually get to two centmeters by the time i was 29 weeks.. but i also lost part of my plug at that time.. thats the only reason why i went to get checked... but bed rest cured all that.. and then i was induced.. so they determined that i probably wouldnt have progressed any farther than i did.. it was just my body getting ready early... i was one of those people who was 100% effaced and dilated to a couple centimeters before labor ever came... and my son dropped and spent alot of time in the birth ca___l before they induced me... thats why he had such a ma__sive cone head!! they've determined that with my i'm just a contracter... my body just does it.. and its okay... so this time around they're gonna let me body do what it does... no bed rest for me.. as long as things to go anywhere... so i wouldnt worry if i were you as long as the contractions dont start and not stop and as long as you dont lose your plug! but anyways... i am up right now cause my son isnt feeling well... it finally looks like he's going to go back to bed.. so i'm gonna get as much sleep as i can!! i will talk to you soon and keep me updated.. whens your next appointment? i go back in on the 5th of Nov... its my last appointment in the 2nd trimester! isnt that just NUTS!! alrighty then.. talk to you soon... tata!


whatisgoingon - October 16

Whoa I really should not have gulped down that milk before eating! I am not meant to drink milk -lactose intolerant, but have had a craving for it during this pregnancy and so far having a gla__s here or there hasn't really upset my stomach too much. Found out this morning that I should really eat first before drinking the milk - milk on an empty stomach really does not agree with me! Yuck! LOL - Anyway.. My next Dr's appointment is next Wednesday at the hospital, just seeing the midwife. I go every 2wks to the hospital for check ups now, oh exciting, home stretch, yay! Was so tired after my last day of work yesterday, had to train a the guy who is filling in my position, working 8-5 is just too hard now! A few months ago it would have been fine, I wonder why it's so hard?! I don't know how other women work till they are almost due, that is just crazy, put your d__n feet up! :) Glad I am off work now, am going to relax and enjoy this time before my little man arrives. Going to take a trip to the library this morning - get some reading material or see if they have any dvds on pregnancy/labour. Then I will go buy myself some new swimmers, maternity ones, so I can go do so swimming/exercise and cool off out of this heat! :) hehe. Its great being able to do all the things you would like to do and not worry about working 95% of the week away!


izechsmama - October 19

hey you.. i'm so excited you are no longer working... yippee!! my body isnt taking this pregnancy as well as it took the first one... i have all sorts of aches and pains and i'm already uncomfortable... and the sad thing is that i'm only going to get bigger and more uncomfortable! i can barely sleep and its killing me! but anyways..i cant believe you're already going every two weeks.. its so crazy.. i'm really not ready for you to have your baby.. cause it means i'm right after ya! if you make it to your due date.. i'll be a few days short of 32 weeks and i have my last monthly appointment on Dec 31... isnt that nutty~!! it really scares me... it just goes way too fast... but anywho.. what else is new? how are you feeling?


whatisgoingon - October 20

Hey!! I am doing good, much better having finished working. More relaxed and that really helps! I am going to be 31wks in a couple of days, yay! Not long to go at all considering how quickly the week goes by and how busy I am going to be. I have lots of parties and visiting to do before xmas. We are bringing forward my 21st bday celebrations to Nov 10th down at my parents place, as my bday is Dec 17th and I would be all alone up here and unable to go anywhere at that point. So we are driving the 12hr journey down the coast for that party - also our engagement party combined and we are going to stay a wk down there. Am getting dental work done before the baby arrives whilst down there and my friend's wedding is Nov 14th! Oh and her 21st party is Nov 11th! Busy Busy! LOL - I really have no idea what to expects these last few weeks, how big I will get etc. How much do you grow from 31-full term wks? xo


izechsmama - October 22

hey you.. sounds like you are going to be a busy girl!! as far as your question.. i know with me, and its different for everyone of course.. i really didnt get much bigger from 34-35 weeks to full term... i stopped getting "bigger" around 34/35 weeks.. but from like 28-34 weeks there is definately a growth spurt.... i have seen it in photos of other women.. its amazing and baby is supposed to put on 1/2 lb a week every week til the end at some point... but anyways.. i made you my friend on myspace.. dont know if you saw that or not.. but yeah.. ;) we have multiple communications! i'm so happy for you that you are no longer working... how exciting... the journey is going to be over before you know it and you'll start a whole new one!! :) hey i never did ask you.. what are you naming your little guy? we picked JaKobee Dane as soon as i found out i was pregnant... and the name has stuck.. i couldnt picture him with any other name... we're going to call him Kobee for short... but anyways.. keep me posted... oh and did you ever watch that movie Knocked Up.. its so hilarious because there is so much truth to it as far as pregnancy and all that... if you havent seen it, definately go watch it before that bub comes out.... i have seen it 3 times and it kills me EVERY time! :) okay.. talk to you soon girl!


whatisgoingon - October 22

Hey!! Yeah i saw knocked up, absolutely hilarious!! There is definately some truth in it, was a really great movie!! I loved it!! I will go check myspace now :) I have another Dr/Midwife appointment tomorrow, yay! I don't know why but I like them! I guess just getting that confirmation that everything is going well and that I dont need to worrry. My little man we are probably (90% sure) going to call "Xavier John" - he gets his Dad's and his Uncle's middle name to carry on, and we have just loved Xavier since the first time we heard it. It's a strong name for a strong bubba! hehe. He doesn't have as much room anymore and the movements have definately changed, they are now more strong pushes rather than sharp kicks like before. I can feel his heel around my right rib cage all the time now. Going to feel super weird over the next couple weeks when he grows even bigger and that foot will be pushing from "behind" my rib cage - ouch! It's funny because even though I have finished work and have all this free time, I still feel as though I am in "waiting mode".. waiting for the big day when my little man arrives into the world.. everyday it's all I am thinking of 24/7, I really can't wait for the day I am in labour - just knowing that I am so close to seeing him! I am going to keep saying that whilst in the pain of labour - "c'mon he is almost here!" :) Hopefully that will keep me through, it's such a powerful thought. :)


whatisgoingon - October 22

ps - I love the name you guys have picked out for your little one! Jakobee is lovely! Is the middle name Dane from somewhere within the family or just a nice name that suited Jakobee?


izechsmama - October 24

hey ya... i know what you mean about the waiting game.. its wierd cause when i was working through my last pregnancy the days would've seemed to be going faster.. but thats not generally true.. cause this pregnancy has flown compared to the last... but since i'm home i have the same thoughts as you... i'm definately not ready and i dont know that i will even be when he comes... its a hard thought going from one child to two... and its hard for me to think of splitting my time.. when i have a son and a husband who both need me! :) i'm definately going to be fine and excited when he comes, but i'll be nervous for the transition... i know my son wont be jealous, because hes infatuated with babies.. and hes been around mommy and babies before.. and he was okay with it... i'm excited to have Christmas and all the holidays with my son and then we'll add our next son.. which will be like closing the chapter to this whole expierence of just being a 3 person family! and opening up for a whole new thing as four people family! the thoughts you have will only get worse too! the farther along you get the more anxious you will be... he'll be here before you know it.. mmmmmm i've been craving hot chocolate.. and i've finally gotten to sit down and have some... i had a really messed up dream that scared me quite a bit.. and so i needed this to take my mind off it! i love your name you have picked also... its very fitting... we chose Dane because it is a strong named and it flowed well with JaKobee... my husbands middle name is totally not one either of us would punish our child by using! i dont know what his parents were thinking!!! but anyways.. i'm the same as you.. i really like my dr appointments...it makes me realize that i'm that much farther along because i tend to forget.. and it also like you is the rea__surance that things are normal and great! although JaKobee does a good job of letting me know hes doing good in there by moving ALL the d__n time... :) but anyways... i supposed i should get off here.. its late.. and i'm feeling sleepy again... :) keep me posted.. talk to you soon.. i want to know how your dr appoinment goes!


whatisgoingon - October 24

Hey!! My Dr's appointment went well, everything is a-okay. He is head down still but lower in my pelvis now, Midwife said that is entirely normal for some women though and doesn't mean I will go early or anything. Guess we will find out..LOL. Got my results back from the last blood test, glucose tolerance test was fine and my iron levels went from being originally 11.7 back up to a healthy 125!! No wonder my fatigue has disappeared and I am feeling good again, the extra iron tablets are really doing there job which is excellent! I have to go back at 36weeks for more blood tests, so hopefully my iron stays up. I asked the Midwife if they perform cervix checks and she said they don't unless I go overdue. So looks like I won't have the excitement or knowledge of knowing what my cervix is up to when I am getting closer to my due date in late December. :( Oh well.. it will happen when it happens. Also for the 36week check up they test for Group B Strep, and I thought you would have to come in and have a Dr or Midwife do that for you, but the midwife said they just give you the swab - you go to the bathroom and do it yourself then hand the test back to them :) Yippee! The midwife said there are a lot of women due in December like me, so hopefully my little one comes at a convenient time (if there is such a thing) and the hospital isn't crowded. I am really excited and looking forward to my next antenatal cla__s November 21st, cant wait!! After that appointment my cla__ses will be every 2weeks until mid-december I think. After this week things are going to start to build up pace and before I will know it the end of November will be upon us. This weekend I am flying down to stay with my parents for a long weekend, which will be fun! What have you been up to?


izechsmama - October 26

hey you... glad to hear everything went well with your dr appointment... i have my next on the fifth.. should be pretty typical... i think my body got fatter over night.. :) my b___bs feel even heavier.. and my tummy looks bigger... anyways.. really glad to hear the iron pills are working... i forgot that midwives dont check your cervix.. that is definately a downside.. i sooo look forward to that... i want to know what my body is doing... but anyways.. i'm excited for you.. its going to happen before you know it~ well i will keep you posted.. we're redoing our computer cause we had a virus.. so it might take me awhile to get back to you this next time.. but i will! dont you worry about that! :) so keep me posted and i'll try to keep up as good as i can!



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