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shanky24 - February 18

Help!I am 24 weeks pregnant and I don't know where my old self has went!This is my first pregnancy and my husband must be wondering who I am and what I did with his wife.One minute I'm crying,the next I'm screaming and sometimes I feel like a 3 year old stomping her feet throwing a tantrum.I feel like I should have pig tails!My husband,his poor soul,is very supportive...cooking,cleaning,rubbing my feet,but the minute he reaches to touch me in a way I didn't ask,I'm like a crocodile biting off his hand!Any advice?Help please!!


britt_m - February 18

I'm sorry I don't have any advice : (. I'm in the same boat tho. I'll be 24 weeks on Wed. Sometimes I feel so bad after I think about what my poor DH has to go thru. Sometimes tho, it's like he doesn't help matters any and is trying to be funny. I just feel like beating him! LOL


shanky24 - February 20

Thanks.I feel bad too.Sometimes they dont help matters like you said.Amazingly its kind of funny no one has advice!LOL!


shygirly - February 20

LOL!!! I'm the same way, this pregnancy has totally taken over my emotions! I will have the most HYSTERICAL temper tantrums and crying fits overs the stupids things. I was watching "Ladder 49" the movie the other night in bed and when it came to the end i started BALLING!, and i looked over at my husband who had fell asleep and i went NUTS! "why are you sleeping?????" i kept asking him and he replys "why are you crying?!?!?!?" and i stormed out of the room and went to lay down in the guest room...still crying my eyes out...and he comes in and said "babe, what the hell is wrong with you, why are you crying?"....i say "just leave me alone, i'm not bothering you, i hate you!" LMAO...so he tries to start talking to me asking me what its all about and the only thing i could think of was " The movie made me sad and you were just sleeping" ....lol i realize afterward how silly it is and i dry my face and go back to bed. lol. But stuff like that happens ALL the time and my husband is so patient with me. Some times it gets violent and i'll pick up anything that is in my reach and just throw it at him. Last week i ripped a speaker out of our computer and threw it at him because he said something insensitive...lol...i know this baby is making me nuts so your not the only one...lol.. goodluck to your husband!


pregnant76 - February 20

I feel so bad too! And I feel like I have no control over it at all! You should see the thread "Pregnant Wife is Mean..." under "Help For New Dads" then! I laughed so hard that it made me cry.



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