Hormones Going Crazy HEART HEAVY PUMPS

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SC - July 14

I'm 17 weeks and really worried because I don't know what is going on with me.I felt for about a week and a half my heart jumped a little or something about 3-4 times a day. It hasn't happened anymore for about a week. In the mornings sometimes I week up witha very bad mood. I used to sleep all night long, now I get up in the middle of the night, and I can't sleep for about an hour or so. also, before going to bed and when I get up in the middle of the night I get so short of breath. I have gained 1 pound every week (17 lbs total). and sometimes I feel so so depressed. Someone going through the same? What should I do?


Robyn - July 14

Hey no worries, I think its all involved with the joys of pregnancy! Im 24 weeks pregnant with twins and I have gained about a pound a week also and my doc says its normal. The shortness of breath will happen more frequently the further you go. I wake up in the middle of the night constantly to either pee or because I cant breathe. What may help...Sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs. It takes the pressure off your back and will discourage you from rolling over to your back. When youre on your back the baby will move up closer to your lungs and make it mroe difficult to breathe. As for the bad moods and feeling depressed, its normal also. I have severe depression and its something you need to talk to your doctor about because that may mean youre at a higher risk for a really bad slope for post pardum (sp?). Any concerns you have I would discuss with your doc on your next visit but you sound normal to me! Good luck and happy pregnancy!


lilmum - July 14

sleeping on your back can also make the uterus push against a major vein that runs along your spine,preventing blood flow back to the heart.


SC - July 14

Thanks! But, what about the heart jumps?


kris - July 14

Half the time I am a wreck also! The heart jumps I have had too, although they have quieted down some, they felt like anxiety attacks to me and would make me feel panicky and sweaty, then breathless. I suffer leg cramps at night and sleep very lightly, and often wake up four or five times at night, and then it's an ordeal to get back to sleep. But I am working on just letting things be, and trying to ride through whatever my body throws at me... and think about taking pleasure in the good things like the baby thumping around. Gives me focus and purpose, and makes the terrible times more tolerable.


Robyn - July 14

Yeah the heart jumps thing is kinda weird...scared me at first to but I guess thats normal also.


SC - July 14

Thanks for your answers! Well, I was very scared, 'cause I had never seen that on books, web or forums. I was scared, 'thought was going to have a little heart failure or something.


* - July 15

have you had your thyroid checked? my heart was jumping around and fluttering a lot...hard beatings....it was almost breath taking. i told my dr. about it and he check my thyroid out and it was enlarged. it's common during pregnancy. he checked my THC and that came back normal so they are just monitoring my thyroid and watching it so it doesn't get huge.


Gina - July 16

I just saw a cardiologist yesteerday and have a heart monitor on today. I have some issues in the past with fluttering or palpatations. It is more common when pregnant. I was worried because I dance in a folk dance group and have to perfrom 6 days in a row next week. Just wanted to make sure I did not have heart attack or something.



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