HORRIBLE Nightmare

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stephgts - May 17

I am SO freaked out right now. I literally just woke up from the single most scariest dream EVER. I reached down to feel my belly and it felt different, kind of like smaller and more pronounced. I was worried about the baby so I rubbed my belly to wake her up, so she would move and I would be reasured. Well in the dream, she decided to jump and (this is crazy) when she did she jumped so far and with so much power that I could see her entired body and all that was covering her was a thin layer of my skin on both sides. I ran in to show my mom and she wasn't worried, so I rubbed the baby until she went back to a normal position...but when she did it left my skin drooping where she had stretched in out (kind of like when you try to poke your finger through the walls of a garbage bag, your finger doesn't go through but you leave the stretched out shape of it). I was worried so my mom said we could go see the doctor. On the way there we had to do something first and it turned into some kind of adventure dream where I was searching for something and an evil force was trying to prevent me from getting to it. At one point I laid my hand on my belly again and this time my baby's hand shot out of my belly grabbing mine and pulling on it....like she was trying to pull herself out of my uterus. I was TERRIFIED and I woke up, or so I thought. I could still feel her pupulling on my hand! I was laying in bed at my childhood house with my ex fiance next to me (I haven't been with him for over a year) and I cracked open my eyes and someone was shining a bright light into the room. I wondered who it was and thought that someone must have come to steal the thing back that I'd been looking for earlier....Then the light disappeared and I realized it had all been a dream...just then I looked up again and saw a ghost walk past my bed. I lay there in TERROR once again....then finally realized that at some point I really had woken up and was in my bed at my real house and who I felt laying in bed next to me was my dog (not my ex). But I had the feeling I'd really seen the ghost in my bedroom but was only half awake and so it had been a part of my dream....then I jumped up turned on the light and came into the computer room and wrote this. Whew!! Am I afraid of my baby?? In the dream, I loved her but she kept acting like a possessed little alien or something...OMG I'm still freaked out.


SuzieQ - May 17

lol - that sounds like the kinds of dreams I've had in the past - totally whacked! I'm glad I"m not the only one :)


Harvestdance - May 17

You poor thing - that's a scary dream! But believe me, you are not alone in having nightmares and anxiety dreams. I've had strange dreams just about every night - some good, some bad. I think it's normal given the hormaonal changes and the huge life changes we're undergoing. Sweet dreams!


venus_in_scorpio - May 17

hormone dreams... Ive had a few myself I had a dream I was in the Shining house the other night and woke up terrified! (I havent seen that movie or read the book in ages, one of my favorites!) I think its part of the package. try to think positive before bed and dont eat pizza before bed always seems to give me nightmares... lol


Kara H. - May 19

I haven't had what I would call a true nightmare, but I have had the craziest vivid dreams. I am a hair stylist, and I keep dreaming about the grim reaper coming in for a hair cut, but he won't take off his hood. And I start getting really nasty with him, telling him that I cannot cut his hair with that thing on his head and that his hook-thing is in my way so he will have to put it with the umbrellas on the coat rack. I'm not scared, just really annoyed that I don't know what he wants.


Mingill - May 19

I too have been having the occa__sional nightmare, my husband tells me his mother had them when she was pregnant with him, so I a__sume they are normal, I blame the hormones. My worst dream so far is that we couldn't bring the baby home because we didn't have a carseat, and then someone kidnapped the baby. We have since purchased an infant carseat.



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