Horrible Pain In Right Side Anyone Else

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alliecat - July 6

I have this horrible constant pain on my right side. It's almost this sharp knife like pain. I've had it since 4th of July and don't know what to do. Is this normal? Should I go to the ER? anyone else experiencing this? Oh yeah - I'm 22 weeks.


margie - July 6

Gosh, well I think thats one of those things that it can very well be normal from the stretching of ligaments and your uterus expanding..but then again, theres always that chance it "could" be something else, its so hard to tell. I have had bad side pain but I am a lot earlier than you, I'm only in my 15th week. Have you called your doctor to ask what they suggest?


alliecat - July 6

Doctor won't talk about anything over the phone - would need to make an appointment which they don't have any available until end of next week. They said if I think it's bad enough to go to the ER. But I just don't know what qualifies as "bad enough".


January - July 6

Does it ease up when you lay down? Does it come and go at all or is it constant? Have you tried drinking extra water? Dehydration can cause premature labor.


margie - July 6

also if the pain goes towards your back on the side too it could possibly be a urinary infection, when i had a kidney infection once it was terrible pain on my side and back


emtcutie1028 - July 6

I have had bad pain on my left side right by my hip bone but it comes and goes. I just a__sume its where the baby is.


alliecat - July 6

i drink a ton of water and it does seem to ease up when i lay down - but when i work 9 hours a day at a desk - it's hard to get comfortable and it just gets worse and worse.


HeavenisMine - July 6

I have some pain on my right side, and drinking water does help, it's usually gas for me though, and can get pretty severe!


docbytch - July 6

If this pain is bad enough such that it is limiting your ability to maneuver yourself around...or if it REALLY hurts when you press on your abdomen in the region such that you jerk away...and if the pain is localized to either your upper right or lower right abdomen you could have something called cholestasis/cholecyst_tis or it could be appendicitis. I am an ER nurse and suggest you go in and get it checked out if the pain is not getting any better.....and especially if it's getting worse. Check your temperature too. Fevers/chills are additional clues.


Tink - July 9

also, is it high up or down low- if you have pain in the right side of the chest, like near the rib cage or any in the shoulder areas, shoulder blades, it could be gallstones. gallstones are more common during pregnancy due to the high estrogen. eating greasy foods or citrus can make it worse too where you have more pain. if you have the pain high, i would go get checked out. i am waiting on results to see if i have gallstones - they saw something weird in my urine at my last appt to suspect it.


alliecat - July 9

well over the weekend it got HORRIBLE - but i just laid down and it slightly went away. now i'm back at work and it's constant in my side. i think i'm going to the urgent care today. i can't take the pain. especially since this morning i woke up with cold symptoms.


margie - July 9

yes, i think at this point it definetely should get checked out...good luck! hope its nothing too bad.


docbytch - July 9

cholecyst_tis = gallstone induced gallbladder inflammation which can become dangerous if not treated


alliecat - July 10

thank you to everyone who responded to my post. i went to urgent care yesterday and they sent me to the main hospital. they found out i was having pre-term uterine contractions. they gave me a shot of some muscle relaxer that is supposed to calm the uterus down but it makes me really jittery and feel like my heart is racing. after a few hours being monitored they gave me another shot to try to stop the contractions. they really were unsure of what is causing the contractions - but i have to go see my ob/gyn this week to follow up.


margie - July 10

wow, thats terrible...at least they were able to give you something to stop the contractions!



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