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:) - March 18

just wondering if anyone else also been experiencing this i am almost 25 weeks and just started feeling these,though i had them during first 3 months pregnancy also? are these ligaments stretching??and does anyone know what may help to ease these pains? THANKS


teresa - March 18

I am only 16 weeks and my ribs are really sore like underneath,, i dont kow if it is how i sleep or what.. but it gets annoying.. I know i didn't answer your question but im having something similar happen


ann - March 18

hi! gals i have the similar problem it has actually become a lot lesser now ever since the baby has started doing movements...........but i know exactly was type of pain u are talking abt my dr had told me it muscular stretching and that it should go aways by the time u are 20-25 weeks and it proved to be true i m going to be 21 weeks tomorrow and the pain is a more lesser then it was before .............. my dr had also prescribed me some pain med to use at nite if needed to help sleep .........if u are also hurting that bad u might want to talk to ur dr i mainly pain at the rite side rib and the pain is mainly at the diaphram, n it feels like they are really sore......... all the best to all


teresa - March 21

thanks ANN


Kriz - March 22

God yes. My doctor said it was streaching. Which personally just added to my I hate all men att_tude that I currently have going on.


nina - March 28

i am 32 weeks, and have been having these pains for a month. only on one side and the pain would drop me to my knees( if i could ever get back up again.) it has now made the top layer of skin numb, and burns right below the skin. my doctor prescribed my tylenol w/ codeine when it gets that bad, and ibuprofen three times a day for one week only. the codeine lasts an hour and makes me feel funny, and the ibuprofen doesn't work. i have an appt. today- i'll let you know any more suggestions i get!!


Olivia Bremner - March 28

Hi. I have had sore ribs for my entire pregnancy so far - I'm now 30 weeks along. Pain seems to be worse when I'm slouched over or bent. My pain seems to be mostly on my right ribs. It helps to lie flat & stretch your stomach out. My Dr said its very common as your ligaments are stretching with the baby growing. I've found using a hot water bottle across my ribs or heated herbal heat pack really helpful. My Dr even said some mild painkillers may help to ease the pain. Try not to rub your ribs too hard b/c they'll then get bruised!


Lisa - March 28

Wow...Nina....your story sounds like my life story right now down to every detail. Mine is on the same side with the burning under the skin. I've had several ultrasounds etc. and my doctors are completely baffled by it. What did your doctor say was causing it?


june - April 4

I have the same burning under my skin and numbness on the surface...have any of you had to quit working, if you are working?


Laurie - April 4

I am also experiencing this pain in the rib area.....it hurts to bend over or even sit down sometimes! I am even sore all around the belly botton area..anyone else feeling the pain there?


shelly - April 25

I am expecting twins and also have the same burning pain on my right side rib cage. I am 24 weeks and the pain is only bad at night. It hurts so bad where I can't move and hardly catch my breath. It is an awful feeling and I think I mainly cry because I can't get any sleep and carry around the twins during the day gets tiresome


Inah - April 26

I dont have the answer, but I htink I have the same kind of problem as you all. I'm now 40 weeks.. and the last pa__s 2 weeks has been HELL! I have these krazy pains in my rib cage or something. well when I breath or move or do something, like try to get out of a chair or bed.. anything having to do with lifting or moving my upper body it's PAINFULL! even when I breath. also I have PAINFULL groin pains, so bad that when I get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I cant even walk.. so I have to crawl to the toilet! I dont want to scare any of you but well be prepared! it's hard when your getting so close to your D day!!


rachel - July 29

hello everyone. i am 36 weeks and i also have horrible rib pains. i am at the point where it's hard for me to wear any type of bra, even loose one's because any added pressure adds to the pain. i just figured the pain, which i've been experiencing for probably the past 3 months was caused by the way she was positioned in my belly, so my friends told me to push her down a little, and that seems to alleviate the pain for a while. i also use a heating pad and it seems to help with the pain also. I take Tylenol, but not often, because it doesn't do much for the pain.


Heidi - August 1

I'm 28 weeks with the same problem. It's mostly at the end of the day after I sit at work for 8 hours and then go home and sit some more on the computer. Ouch! I have to get up and walk a lot. It's painful!!! I feel like a balloon is under my ribcage slowly getting bigger and stretching my ribs out. Ouch!!!


KRISTI - September 27

Does anyone know what causes this rib pain, and what can be done to reduce it?


Kerri - September 27

Hi, I can definitely sympathize with all of you as well cause I've started getting them since my 24th week. Sometimes its so bad that I have a hard time even sitting and depending which way I sleep at night it will wake me up and I asked my ob before and he said it was my oblique and stomach muscles stretching.


Kaeli - September 28

I have been having horrible rib pain as well. It actually feels like one of my ribs has popped out of place!??! I dont even know if that is possible! But apparently my little baby boy likes to cram up under there, it is quite uncomfortable when I have to sit for a long period of time. Rachel- you mention pushing the baby down a little... I cant get mine to budge! Whats the trick??



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