Horrible Stuffy Nose

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Melissa - June 2

My nose is so stuffed up that I can hardly sleep. I wake up all the time to blow my nose. Also, when I blow it, there is always blood. It is driving me and my husband crazy. I have tried inhaling the steam from a cup of hot tea before bed, but it doesnt work. Anybody have any non-medication remedies that work?


m - June 2

how far along are you? mine eased up a bit around 18 weeks. It's still stuffy, especially at night, but it's more tolerable. have you tried the saline nose spray? don't use the other nose sprays.


Melissa - June 2

I am 22 weeks and it did go away for a while ( between 16 and 20 weeks ) but now its back wrose than before. Its pretty much only at night. I will give the saline kind a try.


Erin - June 2

I totally have a stuffy nose. I use Vicks or a similar chest rub. That helps and the smell is soothing. Helps me sleep. I also find that elevation of my head while I'm sleeping helps. Good luck!


SB - June 2

I am having the same problem...it is driving me nuts and I am not getting any sleep! I have not found much that works though...still searching!


m - June 2

oh no! it's worse? eek! well, if you do try the saline spray, let us know how it works out. I'm 'dealing' with it, but haven't been compelled to buy a bottle. Actually, I forgot this, but now remembered ... if I spend a good 3-5 minutes brushing my teeth before I go to bed, by the time I'm done, my nose feels a little runny, and when I b__w it, voila, my nasal pa__sages feel open. (but then by 3am I wake up stuffy) oh well! It helped : )


Davida - June 2

I take my saline spray every where I go! It's the only thing that has helped so far! It does tend to dry my nose out but it beats the alternative!


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - June 3

I have the answer. BREATHE RIGHT STRIPS!!!! They are fabulous. I had the stuffy nose too and these stopped it instantly. I was finally able to breathe again.


Julie - June 3

According to my doctor you can use saline nasal spray, benadryl, sutafed, sinutab. Try putting some vics vapor rub on your chest before bed.



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