Hospital Babysitting Or Daycare

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Jen - May 5

I was wondering if anyone knew off hand whether most hospitals provide some sort of babysitting service. We are new in our area, miles away from relatives and have a 2 year old. (AND I definitely want my husband there for me during labor and childbirth) I am going to ask my doctor next visit but was just wondering what others do in this circ_mstance. Thanks in advance.


D - May 5

None of the hospitals I have worked at had babysitting. But I've always worked in privately owned hospitals, so its always worth checking in your area!


Julie - May 5

If I were you I would start looking now for a trusted caregiver to come to your home. Your husband may be needed overnight. My mother-in-law will stay here with my son. You can call a nanny service or call your local red cross chapter they usually have a list of people who just finished training courses for childcare/cpr that may be able to come to your home. I would also ask neighbors or people in your church if they know someone they could recommend. The problem with daycare is that your son/daughter will not know the person and most daycares are not open 24/7 and you don't know when you will go into labor or how long labor will be. I don't know how far along you are but if you start looking now you can find someone you can trust and get to know them in the meantime. Good luck. I also have never heard of hospitals providing care.


Sonya - May 5

Perhaps you could ask a family member to come from out of town to kee p your son. You can ask your doctor to set a date for being induced for this reason. Good Luck...


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 5

Have you tried asking around at work for a lead on a sitter? Maybe you could put an add in the paper for an on call sitter and offer a one day payment of $100.00, which would more than make up for the inconvience the sitter would experience should you go into labor at say 3:00 am. Make sure yo have everything lined up by the 7th month in case the baby arrives early. :o)


penny - May 5

try a neighbor if you can't get family in town. There the closest when it comes to needing someone in an emergency.


Jbear - May 8

If you're going to use a sitter rather than a relative, you should start leaving your son with the sitter for short periods of time now, so that they will get used to each other. That way it won't be so scary for your son, because he'll already know the sitter.



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