Hot As A Muv

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m - June 10

It's been really hot and humid out this past week, and I cannot believe how little of it I can take. I break out in a sweat so fast, and feel like I am going to be house bound all summer. Anyone else feeling the heat that bad?


Lynn - June 10

I am. Usually I enjoy the hot weather. Usualyl 75 is cool to me, I like it around 80. Not now, my a/c is set on 70 and sometimes I'm still hot.


Kelly K - June 10

It's killing me here. I live in Memphis, TN and it's already been in the upper 90's with 60-100% humidity. It just gets worse from here too. I'm freezing out the people here at work since I control the a/c. I freeze my hubby too, but he knows that I can't help it.


Tammy - June 10

Same here. I keep my house a/c at 70. Everyone walks around in sweatshirts and I'm complaining that I'm hot. I am not venruring out in the heat so I bribe my daughter to take my son in the pool. Not putting on a swimsuit. I have been pregnant 3 times at the same time of year. All 3 of my kids are born in October. Stay cool!


Aisha - June 10

95 degrees over here and Im glad im not working. Ive had all but one pregnancy in the heat. First was in the middle east and it was 120 degrees there with no let up so I dont know why this is killing me so much. just remember to eat


m - June 10

I'm the same way, Lynn. My A/C is on 70 and it still doesn't feel cool enough for me. And Kelly, my hub is all in a fit about me wanting the ceiling fan on high in our bedroom. He keeps saying "I'm gonna get sick" I'm like "well get outta here. Sleep on the couch" ;-P He just doesn't get it. By 3 or 4 a.m. I throw the covers off and try to get cool even though I'm groggy, then I get a stomach cramp (ligament?) ug... not a good nights sleep, lately. And I'm with ya there, Tammy. I've got a couple horses, and my daughter's definitely taking the afternoon shift from now on. I bribe her with computer time! And Gosh, Aisha, maybe that's why my appet_te has been on the sluggish side lately. I find myself not eating with that "hearty appet_te" I'm supposed to have. Shewee! I just had to go out to the barn a while ago to clean a horses eye, something must've stung her, and my entire head feels like I just go out of the shower. :-P""" this humidity is just too much for me! Glad to know it's not just me. ****pa__sing out chinese fans to all**** ;-)



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