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nik - March 14

im going to be at a hotel this weekend, can I sit in the hottub at all? We're going to be with a group of people that will all probablly want to hang out in there all night. Can I go in for a little while? Sit with just my legs in it? Those jets would sure feel good on my back.


livdea - March 14

it's important to not over heat. I talked to my doctor about this because I live close to some natural hot springs and love going in them. he said as long as the water wasn't over 101 F that it is okay but to limit my time spent in there. I've gone to the hot springs a few time and the temp is usually a bit over 101 but I don't stay in for long and I sit on the edge often. Make sure you have some cool water to drink and keep hydrated but as long as the water isn't to to hot you should be fine. you know when you are starting to have to much, try to avoid that feeling of "oh it's getting hot in here!" Otherwise enjoy the jets!


Tanna - March 15

I was on a business trip last week and I got in the hot tub twice. The water about like bath water, so I'm not worried. As long as you get out as soon as you heat up!


Nita_ - March 16

I was on a vacation few days back and at the hotel they had a pool and a hottub. I couldn't resist but get into the tub! The jets were really nice, but the water seemed a little hot. I was in and out in less than 5 mts, was worried a little bit but so far all is good and have felt the baby kick after that. So I guess short time is ok as long as you dont get too hot too fast!


Atarahsmommy - March 16

As long as you are not still the first trimester you shuold be ok, just listen to your body and don't get too hot, if you feel dizzy or overheated jsut sit with your legs in, you can still hang out with everyone if you sit on the edge, and you can go in and out when you feel like it, make sure you drink lots of water


Tillie - March 19

I would stay out of hot tubs all together. I just got back from a week vacation during which I had to refrain--it's not worth the risk of overheating your tiny baby and causing brain damage! Hot tubs are rarely below 100 degrees, so it seems to me steering clear of them is the way to go unless you can control the temp and turn it down to warm bathwater.



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