How Accurate Is Using The Heart Beat To Guess The Gender

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sunniesmile - January 25

Hey ladies--I was just curious- for fun accurate is using the heartbeat rule to figure out the s_x??? Just to make sure I have it right- slower than 140bpm is a boy and faster than 140bpm is a girl...I find out the s_x on Valentine's Day but that seems so far away :) thanks for any thoughts


MommyMelissa - January 25

You can take almost every Old Wives Tale at a 50/50 percent success rate... that's what I've heard - which really just says that you have an equal chance of having a boy or a girl... I'm having a baby girl and her heart beat is ALWAYS 138-142, every time they've checked it (which has been a lot, I'm 37 weeks)


sahmof3 - January 25

Each of my kids was all over the map with their heartbeats... Anywhere from 130-170, depending on how active they were at that particular visit. I had a boy, then a girl, then another boy.


krnj - January 25

Hi with my son it was always 150-160. This time it's been 160-168 so I don't know if that means girl or not! I find out the day before Valentine's Day! Guess we'll have to wait & see!


aliciavr6 - January 26

My girl's heartbeat was 138 at my 20 week appointment. 150 at 7 weeks, 180 at 10 weeks.


ejmeskan - January 26

I don't know the answer, but am not finding out the s_x of my baby- so I think you should do all of the wivestale tricks out there and see which one is right and then let me know! haha!! I know that my neice and nephew were the exact oppostie of what the wivestales say- My nephew was really high and my neice was really low. My baby has stayed at 140 for each visit- little stinker so I have no indication!!


kashni - January 26

My baby was always between the 150-155 range, and it's going to be a I don't know either...


shygirly - January 26

well early on the heartbeat will be fast no matter what. I just had my US done and found out that it was a girl. At 21 weeks her heart rate is 155bpm. so i guess it's right.


sunniesmile - January 26

Thanks for everybody's input!!! I find it entertaining to check out all the different old wives tale --I'll know in three weeks if any of them were actually true...I am sure it would be just be concidence though :)


DDT - January 27

The first time I heard my baby's h/b was at 14wks. It was high...around 160-170bpm. I thought for sure it was a girl. At 18wks I found out it was a boy. His h/b rate at every visit after that was around 130-150bpm. Earlier in the pregnancy some babies tend to have a higher h/b rate and then it tends to slow down the further along you get. Also, it depends on how active the baby is being at that moment in the womb. I don't think the h/b rate has any bearing on the s_x.


DownbutnotOUT - January 29

both my boys where 150-155 beats and my daughter was 120-125, my OBGYN guessed my 1st was a girl due to the hight hearbeat but I knew it was a boy, which it was. This baby im carrying is giving me all the symptons its a girl but the heatbeat is high at about 146-155 beats which makes me think boy, I will find out in 9 days. Im putting my money on girl :)


krissy1980 - January 30

My baby's heartbeat was always btwn 150 and 160 most of the time.And I am having a boy.


Faye84 - February 1

I am having a girl and her heart beat was a steady 156 until week 22- now its anywhere from 156-139.



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