How Are You Carrying

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kendall - October 11

I am 21 1/2 weeks and my belly is only big starting a little below my bellybutton. before i got pg I've always had a line when my pants would be (i got a little pudge around my bellybutton just like my dad) so the part that was under my pants is still kind of flat. has anyone heard that if you carry high its a girl and if its low its a boy??and does anyones belly look like i am discribing?


?? - October 11



Lisa - October 11

Mine belly is like a basketball/volleyball kind of right in the middle; I guess you can say I'm carrying high. But the lower part is just starting to fill out now and become more rounded.


amber - October 11

i was told by my dr. i am carrying high


Christy - October 12

This is my 3rd pregnancy and b/4 I carried high. This time she's very low. I'm 27 weeks and my stomach is so low that most maternity clothes look weird on me. I don't look pregnant, just like I've been a major pig!! I have maternity clothes in my closet now that I don't think I'm gonna get to wear!!


Ashley - October 12

My dh thought I would carry low and I thought I might - like my mom, but I'm not. I'm 21 weeks and I'm definatly bigger, just not so much rounder in a sticking-out kind of way! I think dh was a little dissapointed until I showed him a picture in What to Expect when you are Expecting book - I am the pic all the way to the right with the weight spread all over. If I wear a big shirt, nobody even thinks I'm preggo!!!


kl - October 12

i am definately carrying high but i look like i have swallowed a large watermelon and i am only 19 1/2 weeks along but i get big earlier on than most


Beth - October 12

How do you know if your carrying high or low?


kendall - October 12

if most of your weight is below your bellyb___ton your carrying low if its above your carrying high


Beth - October 12

Mine's in the middle though, I'll ask my doc next week.


J - October 12

I'm carrying low and it's a boy!


Ashley - October 13

Beth, I wonder if you are like me? I don't really have a preggo belly - I'm just, um, thicker everywhere! I used to be thin - dh took pictures - and now I have no waist but not a noticable round tummy. *sigh* It's hard to convince people I can feel the baby move!


Beth - October 13

I'm defintely looking pretty preggo, my stomache sticks straight out, you can't really see my belly face on or from the back, i can still squeeze into my jeans, which makes me think I'm carrying high, but I guess my belly b___ton is kind of in the middle of my belly, if that makes any sense, so I don't know.....



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