How Are You Deciding What Baby S Name Will Be

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QueenBeeMama - March 6

Hi everyone! Curiosity is getting the best of me & I was wondering, how are you choosing the names you will give to your little ones? Family names, names from a favorite character in a book/movie/show, a name you've loved since forever? Just an informal poll, thought it might be fun. Also, do you have any baby-naming books? (I have 3 and I still can't decide on a girl's name! I have 2 boys now, and we have a boy's name picked out.)


QueenBeeMama - March 6

My oldest son, who is 8, is Andrew Christopher. Andrew for my husband's father and Christopher for my youngest brother. My brother and my husband's father both pa__sed away the same year, 1994, and we wanted to honor them both by naming our firstborn after them. I also like that these names are cla__sic male names. Our younger son, who is almost 4, is named Noah Alexander. My pregnancy with Noah was in danger from 5 weeks on due to heavy bleeding and a subchorionic hematoma. We were not given any encouraging news for this pregnancy being viable. It was a very difficult pregnancy and my water broke early at 28 weeks. We were put on hospital bedrest, and while I was there I did not go into labor until 31 weeks. I was talking with a nurse about baby names because we had not decided yet and we told her we were thinking about Noah. She said Noah was the only man God saved when he flooded the earth, and that clinched it for us, and he became Noah. I choose Alexander because I have always loved that name for a boy since childhood, it was a character in a book and I always wanted to use it. We choose Luke Edward if this baby is a boy. Our oldest son Andrew is a huge fan of Legos & Star Wars, and loves the character Luke Skywalker. We asked him what he would like to name the baby, and no surprise, he said Luke Skywalker! Well, we told him we liked Luke but couldn't use Skywalker, lol. The middle name is for my father, whose name is Edward. If this baby is a girl, we are in trouble. We can't decide on a name, what I like he doesn't and vice versa. The middle name will be Grace, which is his mother's middle name, her first name being Doris. She pa__sed away the year after Andrew was born. So, that's our story!


softbreeze200 - March 6

As for us, we really like Mason for a boy, Ihad a dream that we had a boy and named him Mason and since then it has been stuck in my head. As for a girl, we are still looking, but we are thinking Grace Emma - Grace was the name I have loved since I was a little girl and my dh bought his first truck from a elderly lady named Grace and therfor the truck was nicknamed Gracie. He loved that truck and it ended up saving his life one day. So when we got together and started talking baout kids and what we would name them, we both said Grace and it was pretty much decided then!! But we haven't set anything in stone yet. There are lots of other names that we really like and are still trying to decide! It is hard!!


disko love - March 6

okay here's my story... i have 1 daughter and 2 sons and another son on the way... my daughter, who is 15, is Taylor Lynn. I chose Taylor just because at the time i thought it was unique and i really liked the 'gender neutral' names and Lynn because it is my mom's middle and my middle name. My oldest son, who is 12, is Cody Sherwin. I had just really taken a liking to the name Cody. We had an uncle at the time who was dying of aids and we decided to name him after him. He pa__sed away shortly after Cody was born and he had his picture in his hand when he pa__sed. It was very sad but heartwarming, hence the name Sherwin. My youngest son, who is 3, is Fred Crow River. Fred is a family name, he is the 5th generation of Fred's in our family. Crow is named after a very inspiring album by a band Incubus and we are good friends with the members of the band and it just seemed to fit our lives and our lifestyle. When i was pregnant with Crow we took him to several Incubus concerts and he loved and still loves music... he is our little musician. River was for my dh's father who pa__sed away several years ago and we spread his ashes over this special river that he loved so much. So we call our youngest son Crow. Now this baby boy that I am carrying we are thinking of naming him Tripp James. My dh and I both liked Tripp. He liked it from a movie 'Juice' and i remembered it from 'failure to launch'.. and James is my father's name, my brother's middle name and my dh's brother's middle name. so that is our story. :o)


Precious - March 6

My daughter's name will be Lia Gisel.. Lia is the last 3 letters of my name.. JuLIA.. n i figured that'd be cute.. i wasnt big on girl names because for some reason i thought i'd have a boy 1st lol.. but i always liked Lia n just stuck wit it.. Gisel is a random name that my sisters n law where putting out.. its really cute.. and i know no one name Lia Gisel so thats great!


mjvdec01 - March 6

Our first child is Madalyn Amanda. Madalyn is a name that both my husband and I loved immediately and it is a name that was popular years ago. Amanda is my first name, and I wanted to start a tradition. I am 20 weeks pregnant now with a boy. The name we have chosen for our son is Nathaniel James. We will call him either Nathan or Nate for short. Nathaniel is the name we came to after going through quite a few. We changed our minds several times. We settled on Nathan right after the ultrasound confirmed it was a boy. James is my hubby's first name and again we wanted to start a tradition by using it as the baby's middle name. That is our story.



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