How Can You Resist

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caprice - February 23

I'm halfway there. A whole 20 weeks has passed on the road to motherhood and, suddenly, everything's beginning to seem alot more real. After another 20 weeks have gone by, I'll be holding my very own baby in my arms, laying my cheek against the softest skin, my gaze held by two adoring eyes. it's amazing to think that my baby will only have eyes for me. I will be the centre of her world. I remember the thrill of seeing that thin blue line, the waiting on tenterhooks until i could spill the beans, then the test and checks leading upto the 20week scan. And that's what makes it so real. At the scan, i finally saw the tiny hands and feet, the curve of a cheek, the beating heart - all there on the screen in front of me. yes, there really is a baby in there! it's wonderful, it's miraculous - and shes mine! So now i'm feeling great and positively blooming, atlast! the slight swell of a bump has appeard and im holding my breath, waiting to feel the first butterfly flutterings of my baby. Nothing, but nothing is as exciting as this. Ive resisted so far, but now i feel i deserve a treat, it's time to allow myself a spot of mum-to-be retail therapy, i'm feeling excited but tenative, about to head off shopping, looking for one perfect thing to say a first h__lo to my baby. At the store I'm amazed the range is incredible, a whole array of tiny clothes, cosy blankets and the cutest teddies imaginable.... i feel that i'm riding on a tide of babylicious bliss, now all i need to do is pick out that one perfect present :) Hope you all enjoyed :)


Anne - February 23

It is wonderful, isn't it! Savor it and buy some baby goodies!


helen - February 23

that is a beautiful story caprice thanks for sharing it with us


jenna - February 23

lovely got some nice things in that story


karla - February 26

nice story caprice x



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