How Can You Tell Everything Is Okay

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Jen - October 17

Ladies, I am so worried all of the time!!! During the second trimester, how do I know that the baby is okay??? My doctor appointments are once a month (normal), and inbetween the appointments I worry sick!!! I'm 17 weeks and I'm not showing AT ALL. That has me worried...also, I haven't felt anything from the baby... During the first trimester, I just really looked for bleeding. When I didn't bleed I took that as an assurance that the baby was okay. IS there anything that can reassure me during Trimester two???


bean - October 17

Jen - I'm so glad you wrote this... I feel exactly the same way. I'm only 13 wks, but terrified. I have absolutely zero symptoms, tons of energy (unlike the first several weeks), not even close to showing, and obviously can't feel the baby yet. I wonder if it's still in there? I know everything will be fine... but I'm still paranoid. My next appt isn't for 3 weeks.... this waiting is killing me!


To Jen - October 17

Please try not to are in a period where you will feel good and really have no pg symptoms, but all is okay. Soon you will start to buldge out and feel the baby, I started feeling the baby around (flutters) around 19-20 weeks, this is my second, I'm now going on 26 weeks and he's really kicking....I know is stressing, we all go thru that period, but it will be over soon and you will start feeling those tiny flutters in your belly probably w/in the next few weeks. Hang in there and trust me before you know it you won't be able to see your feet or lay down w/ out getting kicked, or seeing the baby completey roll over inside you and a foot stick out. When you get really big lay a piece of paper on your stomach and watch the baby kick it of luck to you and yours...Dee


Holly - October 17

Jen, I was the same way, at 18 weeks I had no tummy and had not felt the baby move. I am no 20 weeks and within those 2 weeks my tummy is showing (just a little) and I feel the baby move everyday. I actually wrote a similar post at 18 weeks! Don't worry, it will happen soon!


Michelle - October 17

Your first pregnancy you are going to worry no matter what anyone tells you. I drove my doctors nuts the first pregnancy, but I am pregnant with my second I know what to expect. Just try to listen to what other women tell you and try to put faith in them. When you feel the baby move, it will make you feel better. But the farther along you get the less the baby moves. They start to run out of room in there. Hang in there....the time will come before you know it. In the meantime, just try to relax and take it step by step.


Angela - October 17

Jen - I didn't feel a thing until 20 weeks. I did start to show around 16 weeks, but everyone is different. Eat well, get sleep, exercise a little if you can, and try not to worry!!


ry - October 17

i am in same situation. i was thinking of renting a heartbeat doppler just so i could check for myself in between dr appointments. my dr didnt seem to think it was a good idea though bc she said most are not the best quality and can be difficult to detect hb which can freak you out even more. i still want one though!



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