How Common Is It To Have Spotting

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rr - October 22

I am 14 wks with my 1st and have been spotting brown for the last 2 weeks. I called the doc and he said it happens to some women, but if it doesn't lighten up then to come have an ultrasound. I just want to know if anyone else experienced this. Thanks!


mother777 - October 22

i had some light spotting in my first trimester. it would come and go, and they was not concern as long as it was not bleeding. i also had bleeding in my second trimester at 24 weeks. i am now 28 weeks.


motherof4 - October 24

It's usually normal for some women as long as it's not heavy. I've been spotting on and off since week 7 and I'm now in my 15th week. If you're really concerned, insist on an ultrasound. Goodluck!


to rr - October 24

yes, I have had spotting too, around 17 weeks. all was fine, it was the side effect of an infection. I would insist on u/s or to be seen asap though. My doctor has you come in if there is any spotting, better to be safe. good luck to you


Karen - October 24

rr - apparently very common but you don't realize it until you are one of the ones spotting. I spotted off / on with my 2nd pregnancy and eventually m/c'd at 12 weeks. I spotted with this pregnancy at 6 1/2 and I am now 24 weeks. My doctor says it is extremely common (and now I know a lot of women that have experienced it). I do agree with the person that said to go to the doctor -- some bleeding can be caused by an infection! Plus, for your sanity.. it would be nice to just be rea__sured. Good luck!! ;)


Amber - October 25

It can also be a sign that something is wrong. Just keep an eye on it and go to the Dr. if you feel something is not right. My pregnancy buddy had some slight bleeding, and she ignored it, some more bleeding,and ignored it again. Now she is hospitalized with previa, and a moderate abruption and will be there until she delivers. I asked my midwife about it, and she said that almost everyone gets bleeding, but not everyone has problems. Myself, i have not bled at all, and hope to keep it that way. Isnt not bleeding supposed to be one of the added bonuses? :) Good luck ladies, i hope i didnt scare anyone, just keep track of your babies!


Jen - October 25

I'm 15 weeks now, and have had 2 cases of spotting/bleeding in the past 2 weeks. They've done a pelvic exam and ultrasound each time, and say that everything looks great. They think that maybe I have a low-lying placenta, but that it's still too early to worry about, as it can "grow up" as my uterus gets bigger. Still, I'd rather not have anything to worry about. I had a c-section with my first baby, and a VERY fast labor with my second baby. I am hoping for another fast labor with this one. Hope all turns out well for you, too!


Kerry - October 27

I had spotting throughout until about 15 weeks. Had 3 u/s to check that baby was ok, and everything is fine and normal. It's just one of those things I guess. But it scared me to death that's for sure !


claire - October 27

i wouldnt be happy with whta your doctor has said. if i were you i would go down to the emergency room and get yourself checked out. bleeding during pregnancy, although alot of people get it, is not normal and should be sorted out. i hope this helps and its not meant to scare you



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