How Did You Feel During Your Section Scared

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Mandy1984 - May 24

I have also posted this in the section forum but thought I would give it a shot here, I was wanting to try for a normal delivery this time but have been told that its too risky...Heres my problem::::::::::I don't mean physically but emotionally. My 1st section I was put right out under a general ansethic so Knew nothing about what was going on. My 2nd I was induced and had to have an emergency c.section... It was AWFUL!!!! I didn't feel any pain nor did I feel the 'tugging or pulling' sensation I felt nothing but it was the thought of it, I yelled and screamed the whole way through it, I was trying to leep of the table but only my arms and head were moving, I was screaming at my partner to pick me up and carry me out.... I just paniced!!! HAving an operation while WIDE AWAKE!!! being cut open and people rumaging around inside... NO THANKS!!!! Am I being silly? When I visit the dentist I pay extra to I can get the sedation called twlight sleep. Am I just a big chicken? I am 20 weks pregnant again (UNPLANNED) and it will be a section so I am terrified!! I do not want to be put under a general anesthetic but I would like some sedation so i am still awake but I would not be just as aware of what is going on.... The doctor has agreed to mild sedation so I was just wondering if you know of anything I could do to help calm myself


Robyn - May 24

Hi Mandy, I've never had a baby before, so I can only imagine how scary it was for you to be cut open while you were wide awake. I don't have any remedies for your fears, but i know that meditation can be used to try to remain calm and to try to focus your energy somewhere else. If you're not in any pain during the surgery and only under mild anesthesia, then you may be able to meditate or do self hypnosis to focus your fear somewhere else. I think you are just so afraid of what they are doing to you and you have no control over the situation so you freak out. You need to learn how to control that part of the situation. There are a lot of books you can find on meditation or self-hypnosis that can give you some basics that will hopefully help you get thru the next one. I hope everything works out for you! Good luck!


venus_in_scorpio - May 25

I hope they keep me awake if they have to do a c-section. they may have to if my previa doesnt rectify itself. but id rather be awake to know whats going on.


mcatherine - May 25

You know, they can give you antianxiety drugs so you don't panic but are aware of what is happening. I'm pretty surprised to hear that option wasn't offered by your doctor. My sister has a true phobia of hospitals and went through two c-sections with antianxiety medication. She was fully awake and aware - just a whole lot calmer! What ever happens, good luck!



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