How Did You Tell Your Boss

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lisarenee - March 5

Hello all, I am visiting from the first trimester room. I am 6 weeks 4 days and I wonder how you told your boss and co-workers you were pregnant. How long did you wait? Are you going back to work?


tiramisu - March 5

i work in a corporate environment and told my boss around 14 weeks (when 2nd trimester kicked in), and yes i will be going back to work.


tiramisu - March 5

oh.. i told my boss during a one:one status meeting.. i was straightforward.


lisarenee - March 5

Thank you. And, I found the going back to work issues forum!


JerseyGirl - March 5

Congrats! My situation is different. I work from home and only speak to my bosses on the phone. I told them after the 1st ultrasound at 12 weeks (early December)... and only then because they were taking about upcoming travel schedules and they needed to know not to put me on anything. Otherwise, I would've waited much longer. And yes, I will go "back to work" after 12 weeks or so. My advice is to at least wait until 12 weeks... unless you're visibly sick at work. Whatever you say, however you do it, put a positive spin on it and don't even mention whether or not you plan to come back afterward. Good luck!


mommybabyboy21 - March 5

I am a personal a__sistant/admin to the ceo of our company...he called me first thing in the morning on Friday to get some information from me...I was having a really bad allergy attack so I sounded really bad, he knew I had a dr appointment in the afternoon so he told me to take the day off, he thought the appointment was my anual phsyical, not to confirm my then on monday when I was in my office my boss walks in and asked if I am feeling any better and did the dr give me something to make me feel better...he thinking I had a sinus infection...I told him that the dr said I wouldn't recover from 9 months...He was like what??? you got a bun in the oven, your pregnant??? I said yes I am...and then he asked if I was going to keep it a secert until after my first trimester...because we had a celebration dinner that night for a major success and we were all suppose to drink...I told him I was going to wait a month or he was great about covering it up for me...telling everyone I was the desgnated driver..etc. He even bought me orange jucie and crackers...thinking it would help with morning sickness. I have a really great boss


ginger6363 - March 6

hi lisa, I felt obligated to tell my boss at around 8 weeks. I hadn't planned on telling until 12 weeks, but there's another girl that I work with who is PG and she will be taking maternity leave a couple months before me. We had just interviewed someone for an open position, but we weren't "wow-ed" by the candidate. My boss said, "well, we'll wait for a better candidate. We'll have a lot of work once xxx is on maternity leave, but I think we can handle it." I felt so terrible, I had to tell him right then and there. He as super understanding and very excited. We ended up hiring the not-so-impressive candidate, just b/c of the staffing situation.


MNMOM - March 6

I was hired at a new job in January and had to tell my new boss on my third day! I didn't want to pretend or hide it, it was getting hard to hide anyway, plus we were scheduled to do lunch with some clients - same clients I worked with at my other job and already knew my status - so I needed to tell him myself before he found out from them. I felt horrible since he just hired me! But he was fine about it and was really just worried that I might not come back to work, but I a__sured him I am coming back!



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