How Did You Tell Your Family

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Renee - October 25

Just curious to those past their first trimester - how did you break the news that you are expecting? My husband and I are expecting our first child and this will be great news for his parents as they'll be first time grandparents. We think we want to tell on Thanksgiving, (as my parents will be attending the holiday dinner) but want to do something special. Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas for us? Thank you!!


Ashley - October 27

We told my family early on, but what we did is we went to the hotel where my younger brother was working and suprised him. We're sitting there, dh and I, and we're like "The 3 of us just wanted to drop in and say 'Hi'!" So he's looking around for the third person and dh calls him "Uncle Adam". I think he told everybody in the hotel!!! We called up my parents and asked them to drive my other brothers into town (13 & 16) and we bought pizza and ate at it in the hotel lobby and celebrated. Dh broke it to my parents by asking if they were ready to be grandparents. Not very creative but my family is very excitiable anyway and it worked good enough! :)


denise - October 27

We bought two onsie outfits that said if mommy says no then ask grandma. I wrapped it up and said to them that I saw something in the store they might like so we bought it. They didn't even have to read it before they got the idea. Both Grandmas were extremely happy.


Joanne - October 27

We wrapped up a baby picture frame, and on the inside I had inserted a computer printout that read "Picture due to arrive April 2006" It was a great reaction!


Tracy - October 29

We had my husband's family over for dinner and we ordered Chinese food. We made home made fortune cookies and put little messages inside like "You will soon be called by a new name" or "little miracles come in small packages" We had to come up with 6 messages that didn't really give too much away, but got the point across with a little thinking. It was really a great moment to see them all thinking and putting it together, many tears and hugs, it was definitely one for the memory book. With my family, I had a tee-shirt made that said "Baby On Board" I wore it under my sweat shirt and then complained of it being hot and took the sweat shirt off with my back to them. I then turned around and watched them read and get the message. Again, very fun for me especially since my parents live far away and I had the opportunity to tell them in person! I love that kind of stuff! Have fun!!



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