How Do I Make This Stop

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Ashlie - October 7

I am at about 16 weeks along now and I have an embarressing problem. When I am at home, I don't wear a bra. Everyday now, I see spots on my shirt. I know it must be br___t milk because my aunt warned me about that happening. It's embarressing to have the spots on my shirt. What can I do to prevent my body from doing this?


M - October 7

All you can do is wear nursing pads but you really need to be wearing a bra because you are increasing your chances of saggy chest.


Ashlie - October 7

Thanks, but I am a little late on the saggy part, and wearing a bra is extreamly unconfortable.


Niki - October 8

Dear Ashlie, Go to a sports store and but a support "Bra", they will hold your b___sts up and you will be able to put nursing pads in them but they dont actually have "cups" like a normal bra and they dont have thin elastic straps, wires, or firm fitting elastic under the b___sts like normal bras, they are more like the top of a singlet which come to just under your b___bs, & they do have light soft elastic underneath the b___bs to hold the top in place, but they are firmer fitting than a singlet. If you can get one of these they should offer you some support and a place to put your nursing pads, without the constriction and tightness of a normal bra.... Good Luck and i hope you have a wonderful pregnancy.... Niki from Australia... xxx :o)


Niki - October 8

Dear Ashlie, i forgot to answer your actual question.... LOL....I dont think that you will be able to actually stop the leakage... i think that it is just a normal part of pregnancy, perhaps it is a good thing, it is your b___b and bodies way of saying..... "we are ready to go when you and baby are "...


millie - October 8

you cant. i have the same problem, i have to wear a bra with b___stpads in it due to it. can i suggest a sports bra or something, espicially if you believe your saggy, because your b___bs actually need more support at this time more than any. just try to make yourself feel better by saying, at least i know my b___bs are capable of feeding my baby!


h - October 8

ashlie, I'm pregnant with my second, I didn't leak before birth with my 1st, but I am with this one. One thing I learned is that I leak more when not wearing a bra. The doctor said it was because of the added pressure of letting them hang (gravity basically pulls them making the glands release the milk). She explained it better, but said it shouldn't be as bad with a bra (at least a sports bra). Congrats on you prgnancy!


nikinoo - October 9

sorry just off this post for a second..."niki" from aussie which part of aussie u from? Im in Victoria...?


Niki - October 11

Dear Nikinoo, I am from NSW.... Wollongong.. Sorry it has taken a couple of days to get back to you - Everytime i go to sit at the puter DH reminds me of something else i have to do and i get side tracked..... :o)



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