How Do I Measure My Belly

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disko love - January 21

Hey Girlies - I was just wondering if anyone knows the correct way to measure my belly? or fundus? Is that the correct terminology? I was measuring from the top of my pubic area (sorry if tmi) to my belly button. Is this correct? I am 19 weeks and 3 days today. What are the approximate measurements I should be? Thanks for helping me out with this one.


gabby509 - January 21

Hi Disko, I pop in and out of the June mommies board frequently and I asked this same question last night but didn't get any response. That board is so busy it's easy to get lost. But I'm going on weds for my 20 week appt and US so I'm going to ask then. I'll let you know what my doc says.


DDT - January 21

You measure from the top of your pelvic bone to the top of your uterus. You should be able to feel the edge of your uterus. However many weeks you are, are how many inches you should be? eg. If you are 19wks you should be 19in. BUT its okay to be 2wks/or 2 in off either way. That is no need for concern at all and your doc will tell you that. Hope that makes sense.


DDT - January 21

Now that I think of it I'm not sure if its in. or cm. measurements. I believe it is in. but maybe someone else knows better.


beardtl - January 21

the measurements are in cm.


HeatherIsHopeful - January 21

also hon. is very normal to measure up to 2cm either above or below your week.... so if you get 18cm and you are 19 weeks don't freak out and think baby stopped growing! be careful with measuring your own uterus.. we have a tendency to freak ourselves out if we think something is 'wrong' lol. good luck.


Gemini_Girl - January 22

Hi, well I wouldnt use your belly b___ton as a stopping point, my midwife measures from my pubic area to practically just under my chest, but im almost 38 wks! Its in cm and 1cm=1wk, so last week I was measuring 37cms which was spot on!



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