How Do You Know Everything Is Ok

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me - February 10

I know this might be a stupid question, but I am a first timer and just don't know. I am 16-17 weeks along and heard the heartbeat, saw the little peanut on the u/s and have had no bleeding or spotting whatsoever. I guess I am just wondering, outside of renting a doppler of my own, how do I know if everything is ok in there? I mean, I don't feel any movement yet and I have an active imagination. I know I am probably being concerned for no reason, but any advice is appreciated.


Emily - February 10

As long as you are feeling good, and no cramping or spooting then I would say everytihgn is fine. You are well past that critcal part of your pregnancy and starting your second trimester. The secnod trimester is the best. You start to feel your baby move around and you have more energy. Try and relax and enjoy your pregnancy. After you see or hear a heartbeat, the likely hood of a m/c is low. I have had a m/c. The whole time knew somethign was wrong. I didn't know how ot explin it. I already had a dd and I worried all the time while I was pregnant with her, but the m/c was diff, then at 10 weeks I started spotting. I am now pregnant again, 21 weeks and scared to death. But as scared and worried as I am, I feel different about this one as I did the one I lost. Plus soon you will be able to feel your little one move around. if you are 16-17 weeks and a first time mom, you should feel your little one in a couple weeks or so. If you are thin, maybe sooner. I wish you luck and try to relax between your appointments.


missy - February 10

I know that phase was hard for me as well. Like Emily said, as long as your not cramping or spotting I wouldnt worry. Pretty soon youll start to feel your little one move, the chances for m/c are like 3% or less now. Try not to worry!!!!Good luck


me - February 10

Thanks ladies. I know I am just being paranoid, but every now and then I need some rea__surance you know? It's hard not knowing what's goingon in there when you aren't getting u/s every month or not feeling your baby move around yet. I just hate not knowing. Thanks for the advice though.


Been There - February 11

Me, I absolutely understand what you're going through. I'm on my third, but I don't even remember being concerned with my first two. But I had a m/c a few months ago, so I see things so differently because I never thought it could happen to me. That totally changed my thoughts. I'm 15 weeks and every night I feel my abdomen checking for the uterus to see if it's growing. I still can't feel it yet, but I feel okay knowing I'm not cramping or bleeding, so things must be fine. Can you imagine how it must have been many, many years ago before they could even listen for a heartbeat in the uterus? They just must have waited to see if their bellies grew and hoped for the best.


Olivene - February 12

Me- Can you rent a doppler? I feel the same way. I just don't feel pregnant now and that was one idea I had to make myself feel better. I'm sure we're both fine (all four of us) but it would be nice to not worry.


Anne - February 12

Olivene-Yes, you can rent a doppler. I have one, which we rent for $20 a month and it is more than worth it to me. My dh & I use it every morning and every night at bedtime. It's such a great bonding experience for us. I think it made the whole thing more real to him. It has helped me feel less worried. (I have had 2 previous m/c) I am now 23 1/2 weeks pg. and both me and dh can feel her moving around, but the doppler is just a different experience and I feel fortunate to have one.


me - February 12

Thanks for the advice ladies. I thought about renting a doppler, but my dr said I will be feeling the little bugger soon enough and to not waste my money. She also said that unless you know what you are doing, you may not be ale to detect the heratbeat with the doppler and than worry yourself even more. Last thing I need is to worry more. I have issues :) I have a dr appt this Friday so I will vent my concerns to the dr and see what he says. Thanks ladies!


liz - February 13

no no. You'll be able to find the heart beat just fine. You have to know what your looking for though. I have a doppler and It has saved me to trips to the emergency room. Often times I will wake up and my son will not move an inch. a few hours will go bye and still nothing. The first time this happened I paniced and went to the ER and ofcourse everything was fine...little guy was just chiling out and didn't feel like moving around...ofcourse you don't know that and with all the horror storys out there you just think the worst. After that experience I rented the doppler and It has reasurred me like only a heart beat can, that my baby is fine (and still alive) There not a waste of money of your like me and freak over everything and constently wonder what's going on in there. I also have an active imagination and I'm grateful this can ease my mind


Becca D - February 13

I don't think the dopplers are a waste either. I rented one just before I was 12 weeks.. I'm now 16 almost 17 weeks and it has totally rea__sured me everthing is ok. It's not hard to find the h/b either. I am more at ease with this b/c i had a missed miscarriage. No cramping, bleeding or any sign that the baby had died until three weeks later when we went in for a routine check up!!Not trying to alarm anyone, but the dopplers definitley ease the mind!!



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