How Do You Know If You Feel The Baby Flutter

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amber - July 28

I was wondering if anyone could explain the feeling of the baby moving inside?


Mya - July 24

How early in the pregnancy can u feel the baby inside you?


Maegan - July 27

I was always told that it feels like a flutter. Then people would tell me it felt like gas bubbles, and one lady told me it was like when you get a twitch in your eye. It's hard to know when you have never felt it before, But I think the gas buuble and the twitch are the closest. I am 21 weeks and I sometimes it makes me jump he kicks so hard. You will know when you feel it.


lala - July 28

I think twiches is the right term. I started feeling my little one around 17 weeks and some days he is very active and other days, he is a bit lazier. I feel him most after I have eaten, when I play lulabies for him or lie down to sleep. You will definetly know when that little angel starts to move! Good luck ;)


Charlene - January 9

How long you have to wait to know your pregnant?


Josie - January 12

I think it feels like a twitch.It doesn't really feel like gas at all to me.But I agree that it feels like a twitch..


Carolyn D - September 25

The first feelings are like something tiny on the inside just twitching quickly, then you start to feel it more often and you realize it's the baby.


Jamie - September 25

I'm almost 14 weeks and I think that I feel something, but I am not sure if it is my intestines or something. I never really paid much attention to that stuff pre-pregnancy and now i am aware constantly of everything going on inside me wondering if its the baby. How do you know for sure?


linzRN - September 25

I am 14.3 weeks preggie with my first baby. Felt something like bubbles in a fish tank in my lower uterine area. Only felt it one time so far. Do ya'll think it was baby, maybe? or just gas?


Erin - September 25

My baby's first movements felt like my stomach turning, but it was below my stomach (in my uterus). I'm not sure but I think it was the baby literally turning over. Now at 18 weeks I feel little thumps every couple of seconds for a few minutes at a time. Hope this helps!


Emy - September 25

I just started feeling the baby last week (18 weeks) and I would not describe anything I have felt as a flutter. It is more like a twitching or a very light tap, tap in one place...For me it is below my bellyb___ton to the left.



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