How Early Did You Find Out The Sex Of Your Baby

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Mellissa - March 21

I have heard so many different women say they found out the s_x of their baby at different weeks...I'm 14 weeks right now...and curious...when was the ealiest you women found out what your babys gender was?


Alma - March 21

I just found two days ago at 17 weeks, it's a boy. You should wait a couple more weeks at the least.


kiki - March 21

iam 18in a half and i found out about a week in a half ago that i would be having a girl.


New_mom - March 22

I go in Apr 8th for my u/s and I will be 21 wks


Bria - March 22

I found out at 16 weeks that I was having a precious little boy!


Kelly - March 22

I went last night (20 weeks) and they think its a girl but her legs are crossed so I have to go back in a couple of weeks! But pretty sure it's a girl I heard that the longer you wait the more accurate it will be.


Gretchen - April 11

I found out at 20 weeks. Boy ;-)


NM - April 11

I found out at 21 wks--I am having a girl


Lucky1 - April 11

I found out I am having a girl, on Friday, I was 17w5d,


LM - April 11

I'm keeping it as a suprise!!!


deb - April 11

I'm like you can't wait to find out. I am 16 wks and going to take a peek sometime this week. This is one of those times it pays to have friends that are u/s techs. We aren't doing an actual u/s just going to see what he/she might be. I'll get back with you and let you know if we were able to tell.


q - April 11

Check out the Chinese birth chart--93% accurate!


kaeleen - May 10

going to findout tomorrow 15 weeks 6 days


Tammy - May 10

I am 15 weeks. They "think" boy. I will have my amnio results by weeks end.


Penny - May 10

I found out at 16 weeks but we go back at 20 weeks but they are pretty sure it's a girl, we'll know more next week :)


HP - May 10

I had a u/s at 17 wk, and was told 80% a boy (since the baby was so small, they wasnot 100%). Then I came back for another u/s at 18 wk, and I was told 100% sure its a boy. So I think if you want them to tell you 100 % you should wait, especially if you only get one u/s during pregnancy.



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