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mommatx - May 12

(this is kinda gross) I was in the drive thru bank in town depositing checks for the business I work for. I started getting that horrible feeling in my stomach and tightness in my throught that I knew meant I was gowing to throw up. I tried to take calm breaths to make it go away, but it was inevitable. I didnt want to open the door and stick my head out to subject everyone else to my vomit, so I was glad I had a plastic bag in reach. the guy in the lane beside me is watching me throw up into this bag. The lady at the window is telling me, thank you have a nice day (she is unable to see me). I was actually feeling bad for being unable to answer. When i thought I was better, I drove off and got on the highway to head back to my office. I started gagging uncontrollably but I was unable to pull over. So there I was reaching for whatever I could find (a tank top from my work out) and vomitting into it as I was driving. I'm so glad I didnt lose control of the car or sight of the road. I think maybe i need a driver.


JESS1980 - May 12

You aren't alone MommaTX! When I was about 4 months pregnant, I flew to Florida with my husband. There's nothing worse than having to throw-up on a plane during the middle of Beverage Service!!! :-) There was no vomit bag at seat, so I was forced to rush to the bathroom. I had to cross over my husband and a total stranger to get into the aisle. Then the flight attendants had to move the beverage cart for me....and they were NOT happy about that. Once I was in the aisle I bolted for the closest bathroom. One of the flight attendants actually told me that "there is no running on the plane." (I should have just thrown-up on HIM) :-) FINALLY I made it to the bathroom. So, don't feel so bad about throwing up in the car. I've also thrown-up in several restaurant parking lots, in the hallway of a cruise ship, at work (more times than I can count), on the side of the road (more times than I can count), on my husband, etc... Believe me, anyone who has ever had "morning sickness" will totally understand what you are going through!


mommatx - May 12

Im glad I'm not the only one. Im just frustrated that I still get sick at the most random times, even though I'm 15 weeks now! I hope it doesnt last through all 40 weeks


ThePezChick - May 13

My experience was at least as embarra__sing, if not more.... although I chose to just find the humor in it. I'm a teacher... 3-year olds with disabilities. After lunch about a week and a half ago I had to urinate all of a sudden. I told my a__sistants once we got to recess I was going to have to go to the restroom. In like a second I was like, "I have to go NOW!" I guess Zeb was on my bladder or something. I literally ran to the restroon and would have been fine if I hadn't sneezed JUST as I was pulling my pants down. Ending up peeing (not a ton) on myself and on the floor a little. This was a public restroom with stalls. I was lucky that no one else was in there at the time. Thank goodness my husband had come to work that day to have lunch with us. I tied a sweater around my waist, went to recess, and had him go get me a change of clothes. This was much better than telling my principal, "Bonnie, I need to go home for a few. I peed in my pants." My a__sisants and I all got a good laugh out of it.


kmwebber - May 15

I have thrown up in the car while my husband was driving into a change bucket from one of the local casino's. I have also thrown up on the side of the street and had to open the car door one time and throw up down the street while my husband was driving. It is so embarra__sing but I figure most women sympathize with you once they find your pregnant.


scarlett - May 15

I have an embarra__sing story myself. I vomitted in the crowded train twice. I think I don't need to elaborate here....


ChannY - May 16

I remembered when I was pregnant with my first, I had bad morning sickness, when mum and i stopped at the gas station to get gas so we can go over to my grannys for a while. I had an urge to throw up . but i couldnt find anything to puke, so i stood near the gas tank and vomited really bad and mum ran in and told the clerk and he came out with sand to covered it, i was like..ohh dear i aint coming back here again! and than again when i went for check up/measurement, i had in urge to throw up so bad i couldnt hold it, so i ran across the hallway pa__sng other prego women and threw up in the public washroom sink. Noticing this one old woman came outta the stall and shooked her head:|


falafal0 - May 16

Me too...I was out with my MIL in an antique shop looking for a present for my DH's birthday with our youngest who was 2 at the time. I'd kind of been feeling it all day, but had yet to throw up. My son needed to go to the toilet, so the a__sistant showed us one out the back down a corridor. A bit later, as I was talking to the a__sistant about something, I felt that all too familiar feeling rise into my throat. I knelt down, while holding my son as a 'reason' to kneel down, while talking, thinking it might go away, because it was happening slowly. It didn't - just got worse, and I threw him off my lap, and ran for the toilet with my son running screaming after me. Luckily I knew where it was, barely made it. Stupidly, I kept going on with what we had to do (time limit) and went to a university to the printing press for his journal. As we found the printers, we had to pa__s a toilet. While my MIL was taking for ever talking to the printer, again, I felt it suddenly rise. My MIL took no notice of me as I tried to get her attention, and in the end, again, I just flew out of the office, obvlivious as to where my son was, knowing he was with her at least, and ran to the toilet. I threw up actually over the toilet, didnt make it. But I couldn't even imagine how embarra__sing it would have been if I didn't know where that toilet was - it took us 15 minutes to find the printer the uni was so huge, I would NEVER have been able to have found a toilet so close...what we women have to go through. ..:-)



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