How Far Along For First Movement

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tndrlvn - June 6

Hi All, I am 15 weeks tomorrow with my first and I was just curious on how far along everyone was when they first felt the baby move.


kelley32 - June 7

I was 16 weeks when I felt her for the first time ... I'm hoping for 15 weeks this time.


eyes82000 - June 7

They say with your first you feel movements later. I really don't remember exactly when I started to feel my first son to move, but this one being my second I started feeling little flutters at 13 weeks. Now at 21 weeks he moves around a lot all the time.


Ashleyg - June 7

i am pregnant with my first and i didnt start feeling ANY movement until just before 22 weeks.


sunshyne9 - June 7

They say that your more likely to feel movement and recognize it earlier if you have been pregneat before.. I guess you kinda just know what you are waiting to feel lol I felt the baby move at about 14.5 weeks.. but nothing really since.. It feels ilke b___terflies in your stomach.. adn somteimes you might think of it as maybe a little gas or something.. but you will recognize if for sure. Especialy wehn it keeps happening. Im now 16w3days and havnt felt the baby again. So guess it depends on you and how active your baby is.. But soon enough youwill feel it all the time.. :) Good luck to all you ladies


ninaatk - June 7

They there! I felt the baby move for the first time about 13 weeks!!! It does feel like b___terflys! They were just little flutters at first and now they are getting stronger all the time!!!


Taffy - June 7

This is my first and I started to feel a rubbing sensation in the centre of my abdomen around 15 weeks but I wasn't convinced for many weeks that it was baby. From around 18-19 weeks it was stronger and definitely the baby moving around. I find that ice cream is good for getting movements going. I guess the baby has a delayed sugar rush! I'm now 22 weeks and she moves everyday like clockwork.


San_dee - June 7

with my first i was 18wks, with this one i was 10 wks


Ragan - June 9

I am 21 weeks along now. I am sure that sometimes I feel the baby move, but never at the same times. This is my 2nd, and my first is now 9 so there is a big gap. I know that I am having a girl. My doctor tells me that it isn't unusal that I don't feel the baby moving much yet. Is he just telling me this to shut me up?


18wbabynov - June 9

i was 16weeks 5 days with my first!


mandee25 - June 9

I was about 15 weeks! I knew exactly what it was even thought this is my first pregnancy because I have never felt that before. I have been feeling movement ever since off and on.


LILMAMA - June 9



CrystalH - June 9

This is my third pregnancy (1 child, 1 miscarriage) and I started feeling this baby move way earlier than my son. I felt the first movements during my 11th week. I'm now 14 weeks and feel about 1-3 movements every day. It feels like I have a little fish swimming in there. It's so cute! I know you generally feel them sooner with 2nd (or more) pregnancies because you know what it feels like and can differentiate that between digestion, gas, etc. You'll feel it soon, I'm sure! It will be so neat when you do!


tndrlvn - June 9

well thank you all for your responses.....I"m just excited i have made it this far, i have been pregnant twice and lost i am really happy i have made it this far.........and can't wait to feel baby moving


emilymalm - June 9

I was 15wk 4d when I felt the first tiny nudges and I only felt one or two a day if I was lucky. At the time I wasn't sure if it was really baby or not, but now that the movements are stronger, it was definitely baby. My placenta is in front too so I was very, very surprised I could feel movement so early. Some women, especially first timers, don't feel movement for quite a while.


princess-lu - June 11

Taffy - i just had ice cream and i was reading this because i think i feel movement hehe how neat



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