How Is Baby Laying In Tummy

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ry - November 9

hey everyone! i went in for my 18 wk u/s today and the tech was not all that conversational or helpful so i didnt get to ask a lot of what i wanted. i was wondering if any of you knew how at 18-19 weeks the baby is positioned in our uterus. i ask b/c when i listen to the heartbeat it seems so low in the abdomen and so do the flutters and little kicks i feel. seems like it doesnt make sense unless the baby is sideways laying accross my abdomen not upside down or upright. i know baby is only 12.5 cm but still.........


Lia - November 9

Hi ry - I totally know what you mean about the ultrasound techs not being helpful or conversational. I had my 20 week last week and asked how the baby was laying. She said the baby is positioned across the abdomen, and the head was on my right side, the tush on the left. She also said that pretty soon the baby is going to run out of room and will be moving upright/upside down. The movement I feel is very low in the absomen as well, and the heartbeat is always a few inches below my belly b___ton. Good luck with your pregnancy - I hope all goes well for you!


lisa - November 9

i am about 21 weeks and my baby is still very low in the abdomen and also seems to be lying with his head on the right side and his tush and legs to the left. Every twinge or flutter I feel is very very low and either on the left side or the right side. I am having a boy and am still waiting to pop outwards. I am having my 20 week appt. one week late today so maybe I will see more. Getting worried he is going to stay low the whole time. It puts a lot of pressure on my bladder and I feel like I have to pee all the time! Yikes.


ry - November 9

thanks girls! that makes sense now. lisa-my baby's legs and feet were resting on my bladder. that explains why i feel like i have to pee ALL the time but barely nothing comes out! I hope s/he moves soon!!


Christi - November 9

I am 22 weeks... my baby's head is on the left side... tush on the right.... but she does do summersaults. During my ultrasound she completely flipped... her head was then on the right and her tush on the



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