How Long Is Everyone Going To Work

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Josie - May 11

I am 25 weeks and I have been off work for 2 1/2 weeks but will be returning Monday...I hate the thought of returning but I need the money doctor is writing me a note to cover the absense and she wants me to go to part time due to my bad back pain...I am thinking why not work full time as long as I can and make as much money as possible? I am only going to work 7 more weeks and I hope I can handle it!! Please let me know if you have any advise!


Kelly K - May 11

I'm going to work until 1. I go into labor or 2. My doc tells me I can't. Does your company offer short term disability? If so, your doctor can recommend you don't work at all and you can go out on paid leave. It varies by company and state though.


nm - May 11

I wish I could leave now. I am 26 wks and I also am having bad back pain. Unless, my doc tells me otherwise I am working till I go into labor.


Jennifer - May 11

I am working until I am 38 weeks, I am feeling great, but I was 2 weeks early with my son, so I want to finish working 2 weeks before my due date, I don't want to be sitting at work and have my water break.


ES - May 11

I thougth I wanted to work until I went into labor but not at 30 weeks I am exausted and I am tired of always working and quite honestly I feel like I am turning into a BITCH. Ok well the Air Conditioning has been broken at work too so that did not help. I would love to make the money but at this point I will be happy if I can finish another 2 weeks let alone until my goal of July 15.


Tammy - May 11

Please don't hate me ladies... In little old New Jersey, you get 4 weeks before and 6 weeks after the baby maternity leave. I feel bad that you have to work right up until you have your babies. I don't think that I could muster up the strength to work 8 hours a day. I work from home so my situation is a little different. Mybiggest problem is time management. Everything thinks that when you work from home, you have all of this free time.


Josie - May 11

Thank you for your advise and much as I want to not work I think I will be bored if I have to stay home for so long...I guess I will just try and bear it as long as I can and then enjoy my weeks off before the baby comes!


~S~ - May 11

My plan was to work up until 3 weeks before I have my baby, but I'm thinking I might stay as long as I can. Although, this is my first pregnancy, so I don't know how I'll feel. So far things have been good, but I'm starting to feel exhausted again, not sure if it's got to do with the pregnancy, or I'm just not getting enough sleep. I'm 6 months, so 3 more to go. I actually hope I go into labour a bit early.


Lynn - May 11

At 38 weeks I'm going to trim my schedule back to 4 hour days. I'm not going to work past my due date.. if I haven't had the baby by then, I will just sit around the house all day like a beached whale... I am in MD and i only get 6 weeks after the baby is born for maternity leave.. but my doc will probably write a note to put me out on disability before that if I feel the need. Only thing is, my short term disability pay is only 50% of my regular pay so I'd rather work if possible.


Jbear - May 12

With my last pregnancy, I worked until the day before my daughter was born. I had a job where I sat 90% of the time, and I had no trouble with back pain or exhaustion. I decided in October to take a job where I got more physical exercise, standing, lifting and bending all the time. I got pregnant in December and my job instantly became a misery. I was working 9 hours a day, 6 days a week, standing the whole time, with no breaks or a lunch. When I reached 20 weeks, I asked my doctor to write me a note that I could only work 6 hours a day. I've felt much better since then. I probably won't be able to pay my electric bill this summer, but at least I'm not exhausted anymore.


Erin - May 12

Hello ladies. I am 12.5 weeks pregnant with twins. Unlike you, here in Canada we get 1 year maternity leave at 55% of our wage. You can start your mat leave up to 12 weeks before baby's due date. Also, my doc is suggesting that I go on short term disability at 20 weeks, which will be the end of June. She says since I am carrying twins, I should go ahead and be selfish. I plan to have a relaxing summer with my daughter and enjoy carrying these two little angels. Just thought I'd share with you... Congrats to all! Erin


SRG - May 12

Hi Erin... I am also from Canada, I live in Toronto. I am planning on working up until Oct. 28th, my due date is Nov. 10th. Hope I can make it that long. I have a bad back to begin with so hoping it will not give out on me as I get bigger. Thank g-d we get a year off. It is 55% of your salary but only to max. of $30,000 not sure if you were aware of that. Well best wishes to you and all the rest of you prego's.


Beth - May 12

I too plan on working until I either go into labor or my dr says ok I am taking you off for awhile before the baby!


lea - August 5

i am working until the 8th month hopefully and then i will be a stay at home mom . yeah i need the money but i will sacrafice for my baby , it will be hard to change our spending habits on the little things that add up to a whole lot of money but we will and it will be well worth it.


Lisa - August 5

I am working until I am 30 weeks. I HATE every minute of it. I am a flight attendant and it is miserable. I never thought I would fell this way about my job cuz I used to love it. It is so hard to work 12-14 hr days in the heat and turbulence. I only get paid for 6weeks after I have the baby and I want to stay home after I have him so I am going to try to tough it out. Well see.........


Danni - August 8

I finished work last week and have been feeling on top of the world since!! I am only 6 months now and had planned to work to 7.5 but I was getting sooo tired, refulx, dizziness, etc and now I am just taking it easy at home. I am very lucky cause I didn't have to stay at work until the last minute - we can live on one (husbands) salary. think the extra money is not always enough to justify pushing ourselves to the enth degree!! I want to enjoy this pregancy while it lasts - I love "talking" to my baby and not stressing over budget reports at work.. !!


Justine - August 9

I'm working until the end of week 30 (3.5 more weeks) then I'm taking 4 weeks annual leave which I have left and then I go on maternity leave for a year. We can have a year's maternity leave by law in England though only the first six weeks is at full pay then you get £100 a week for the first six months plus whatever your company gives you. I'll get 1/2 pay for 12 weeks if I go back afterwards. So glad I can have a year off.



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