How Long Should My Husband Take Off Work

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Tootsie5c - January 10

My husband and I are in disagreement over how long he should take off work when I have the baby. We don't have any relatives around here to help out, so if he goes back to work right away I'll be all alone and I don't think I could handle that. How long are your husbands planning on (or in the past) taking off work?


michelly4 - January 10

Well my husband will probably only take a few days off but we already have 4 boys at home. (2 mine, 2 his) So I guess it depends on if this is your 1 st baby. It can be scary then. How long is he wanting to take and how long do you want him to take ?


cynthia502 - January 10

This is my 4th pregnancy. The firs time, my husband took off 2 weeks. That was a perfect amount for us. It gave us time to get things on a "schedule" so to speak, and believe me, you will feel like a pro after the first two weeks are over! If you guys can afford it and he is willing, then try it! Have faith and enjoy! :-)


ma1008 - January 10

This is my 2nd, for my first he took about 1.5 weeks, and for this one im thinking it'll be 2 weeks or so.


Tootsie5c - January 10

This is my first pregnancy. I want him to take at least a week and a half off, but he only wants to take like 2 days! Its not a money issue, he just doesn't like missing work. But come on, two days?!


ShoppingForTwo - January 10

Wow, after reading everyones response, I feel like my hubbie is taking WAY too much time off work!! We figured he would take off 12 weeks when the baby is born. After our daughters birth (she pa__sed 9 1/2 hours after birth) he stayed home with me for 8 weeks. (Towards the end he couldn't wait to go back to work) but if everything works out with this pregnancy then we will have our hands full together for the first 12 weeks so hopefully it won't get boring.


eastcoast - January 10

Luckily my husband is a teacher and I'm due in June (early June though), so I'm not expecting him to take any time off right after the baby is born, since I know when the baby is approx 2 weeks old, he'll then be off for the entire summer with me.


reneenay - January 10

I'm hoping he'll take 1-2 weeks off, but my Mom will be around a lot for a while too...she lives just 5 minutes away...but I still want my husband there so he can learn and also share a special time.


Gemini_Girl - January 10

Yep mine is the same definately 1 week, maybe 2 :)


HeatherIsHopeful - January 10

Im not sure if my husband will take any time off.. in fact Im not sure my husband will be in America when I have the baby... it looks like he might get deployed right before Im supposed to deliver. but if he isn't here Im going to go stay with my mom, so she'll help me out. now, they SAY that if my hubby is deployed they will send him back for two weeks when I have baby so thats cool :)


fefer1 - January 10

Mine took 2 weeks off but really, a week would have been fine. Once I was more mobile (it didn't hurt so much to walk up and down the stairs) things were fine for me. Besides, he couldn't do much other than change diapers every now and then or do laundry/dishes....I was the one doing all the feeding. :) It really depends on your situation I guess.


mjvdec01 - January 11

With my first my hubby had 11 days off, and the day he went back to work we had a hot water pipe separate in the ceiling in the garage and it filled the garage and kitchen with water. The insurance company had to shell out 19 thousand dollars to fix it, and for weeks I had workers trudging in and out of my house, not to mention the huge noisy industrial fans that had to be running all day and night to dry out the house, and a dehumidifier. We were offered a nice hotel room, but what the heck was I going to do in a hotel room alone with a baby all day! I was so thankful my mom was at the house the day of the flooding. It was scary because it was only 18degrees outside (it was february 2006), and when I heard the water I opened the garage door and say what looked like smoke but turned out ot be steam. The garage was dark because the lights shorted out. I was frantic, I had a new baby and I thought my house was on fire. My mom was terified because she had just been in the garage to smoke a cigarette(I hate that she smokes, but there is nothing I can do about it) and when I opened the door the first thing out of my mouth was, "FIRE!" My mom thought, oh my god I caught my daughters house on fire, she is never going to let me smoke at her house again! After the fact I thought that was funny. She is right though, I would have never allowed it again. I definitely wished my hubby was home for all of the drama. This time he will be home for at least 14 days. If I could have him home for longer I would, his schedule doesn't allow for it.


goldfish - January 11

12 weeks shopping ?. OMG so u will be having an additional trimester with 2 baby one infant and one big one lol ..... thats what i have heard the hubby act very funny after birth lol just kidding..... good for you . you both will have good time to bond with the baby


cors1wfe - January 11

With our first my hubby took 3 days off - which was fine my mom and his were both 5 minutes away...Now that my mom will be in Alabama (I'm in California) she will be here for a few weeks so it's fine - there really isn't much he can do except diapers and I don't see him being a big help with 3 days is plenty for us I'd kill him if he stayed home 12 weeks with me...LOL


shani56 - January 11

My husband is only going to take a couple of days off...I was a little dissapointed I wanted him around at least a week for us all to have some time together. But my mom has taken a month off work and will come around to help so I won't be alone. This is my first so I really don't know what to expect or how much help I will need.


ShoppingForTwo - January 11

Hehe Goldfish your funny. I heard the husbands sometimes act funny too! I hope keeping my hubbie so involved will alleviate that. Now that I'm thinking about it 12 weeks may be too much, we never really discussed it, we both read our union benefits (we work for the same company) and just agreed on 12 weeks paternity leave. Maybe 6 weeks would be better??? My hubbie is the self proclaimed chef of the house so he does 95% of the cooking, and he cleans so he will be a huge help. My husband loves the idea of b___stfeeding but he wants me to pump sometimes so he could help and have the same special bond with the baby BUT I read somewhere NOT to introduce the bottle until 6 weeks of b___stfeeding because they might reject the b___st or got confused or something. So he will just be cooking, cleaning, running errands, enjoying his time off work, and changing diapers I guess. Oh, and we plan to visit his family in New Orleans at the end of those 12 weeks so I hopefully he will stay busy so he doesn't die of boredom.


cors1wfe - January 11

SHopping- usually the rule of thumb is at least 2 weeks before you introduce a bottl - if the baby seems to get confused then hold off and try every 2 weeks after that - I was able to introduce a bottle after my lactation consultant said it would be fine after at least 2 solid weeks on the b___st - my son didn't have trouble but every baby is different - Just try it and see you might be surprised I am sure your hubby will understand if you have to wait 6 weeks to introduce the bottle Good Luck



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