How Long Should You Work

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Josie - March 18

Hi all...I was wondering how long you work until...I am trying to get in my 600 hours for maternity and parental leave (in Canada that's what you need) but I am worried that I won't make it to the 8th month...I already feel really bloated and tired and I start my new job on Monday...I am 18 weeks now and don't know if I can last for four more months!!


tara - March 18

Hi - what kind of a job do you do? If you are standing and have heavy work load then it may be harder to be on your feet past the 8th month. I live in Canada too, and i intend to work up to the 9th month but my job is sitting at a desk most of the day so I don't think I'll have too much trouble staying at work 'till the 9th month.


Dana - March 19

I am at 16 weeks, and my Dr. told me that I need to minimize my lifting by 20 weeks, and quit lifting by 24 weeks. (Lifting is a major part of my job). I am due on August 27th, and he said that as long as I am not lifting, I can work right up to the end, while others would opt to take leave in the Middle to the end of July. I plan to take my leave at the end of July.


Heather - March 20

i have already cut down my hours.. because with my job i walk at least 4 miles a day around a big room.. non stop seven hours not allowed to sit down just walk and walk and walk..


Jennifer - March 21

I am due July 25, and I plan on working until July 8. As long as the doctor doesn't tell me differently. I have an office job so I am sitting most of the day, and nobody in my office will allow me to lift a thing. I am not complaining about that. hee hee. Heather...I am just curious, what kind of a job do you have??


New_mom - March 21

I have a sit down job..I am planning on working till they tell me to stop.


Phoebe - March 21

I live on the 4th floor with no elevator, and plan to work until I can't climb those steps any more... *grin*


Beth - March 21

OMG Phoebe, and I complain about climbing the steps at school, haa haa, AFTER I sit all day at work, like I don't need the exercise!!



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