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Lyla - February 16

Does anyone know roughly how many calories we are supposed to have each day? Is it 1800-2000 per day? My doc wants me to watch my weight gain for the rest of the pregnancy, and I am trying to keep a food journal to figure out where it is all going, but I don't know what to aim for! Thanks everyone! (BTW I am 23.2 weeks :)


Em - February 16

It totally depends on how heavy and tall you are/were before you got pregnant, plus your level of activity, of course...(If you wanted to be exact, you would also have to know your percentage of body fat as well.) During the second half of your pregnancy, with special emphasis on the third trimester, you only need to take in an extra 300 KCal! It really isn't much, probably a pot of yogurt and 2 slices of wholegrain bread, maybe with some OJ. If you want to keep your weight gain in check, just add some healthy, nutritious items to snack on inbetween your meals. Good luck!


Lyla - February 16

Thanks Em! I suppose my other post didn't have all the info I should have put in there. I started my pregnancy overweight (5'3" - 172lbs) and I feel like I am starving all the time, and the only way to ward of nausea is by food. I am 23.2 weeks and already up to about 197 lbs (25lb gain), which isn't good since I am already overweight. I suppose my main question is - - how many calories does a "normal" person need prepregnancy? Obviously, with my weight issues I was way over on that too! Thanks again!!


heather - February 16

hello youre supposed to have 300-500 more calories a day.. you can always go for healthy calories. good luck with your weight I know how you feel..


Leann - February 17

Go to This is a website done by the government. It gives detailed instructions and calorie intake, it's very good. It takes into account weight, height, activity leve, and lots more. However, it does not get as specific as pregnancy. So remember add 300-500 more calories to your recommended daily diet. This is easy to do an apple itself is around 300 calories!



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