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annemarie - April 23

I am 18 weeks pregnant, so what month is that? I say starting my 5th month a girl at work says I'm 4 months....she doesnt get the whole 10 moths of pregnancy thing. so I am trying to set her straight.


Not sure - April 24

I'd say your 4 1/2 months?


=) - April 24

I would say you were 4 1/2 months too! 20 weeks is 5 months and half way through!


nm - April 24

In the book that I have, it says 18-22 wks--5th month


CC - April 24

I've struggled with this one as well... If you calculate each month as being 4 weeks, you will be pregnant 10 months. I usually state it in weeks, i.e. I am closing in on 27 wks, but if I want to use months, I use calendar months from last date of menstrual period. I.e. my last period was October 24, so Nov 24 was 1 month, Dec 24 2 months, today 6 months (yeahhhh!) complete, moving into my 7th month. If I look at it this way, Jul 24 will be the end of my 9th month, and I am due Jul 28, which would make sense. Both you and and your colleague would be right though, because you have in fact completed 4 months, but you are moving into your 5th. Hope I haven't just added to your confusion...


to annemarie - April 24

yeah id agree 4 and a half months!


lyn - April 24

where is everyone getting 4 1/2 months. every book, and web site about babys says that week 18 through 22 are your 5th month. Are you all counting from your last period. even the two weeks before you even ovulate are counted.


renee - June 1

yes there is ten in pregnancy


leslie - June 1

I HATE THIS COUNTING THING I AM SOOO CONFUSED!!!!!! AGGGHH MY HUBBY TELLS PEOPLE ONE THING AND I SAY WHAT THE DOCTOR SAYS..WE ALWAYS END UP IN A LITTLE DISCUSSION AGGHHH!! nine months?? ten months?? 4 weeks in month or 5???? In other countries they do it different and easier..why is it sooo confusing?


J - June 1

you are 4 1/2 months. You won't hit 5 months (starting 5 months) until week 20.


Mary - June 2

Hi Annemarie, According to the book "What to expect when you're expecting"- By: Heidi Murkoff. You are in the 5th month. This month includes weeks 18-22. If you dont have this book already you should. Its the pregnant womens bible. My doctor gave me mine, but I'm sure you could find it at any bookstore. I'll be in my 5th month actually tommorrow very exciting. :-))


leslie - June 2

Mary why did your doctor give you yours??? just corious..he sounds nice :)


The real Mary - June 2

Hi leslie, My doctor gave me a care package. It included the book, prenatal vitamin samples, a video from the hospital that I will be delivering at, and a list of medications to take and not to take. It was a congrats your're on your way to becoming a new mommy. My doctor is wonderful he even will call just to check up on me and see how I'm doing.


leslie - June 2

I want a care package too!!!!!! That is soo nice of him or the hospital!! I am sure you feel very comfortable there...not that mine is bad..not at all..but I always appreciate when they take their time to make you feel better. :)


not sure - June 13

my last mentral period started may 7th how many weeks am i


linda - June 13

apparently you don't get the whole ten month thing. she is right; you are only 4 months pregnant. you will start your 5th month at the beginning of your 20th week. hopefully, this will set YOU straight.


Gina - June 15

Isn't 20 weeks 4.5 months. If we are pg for 9 months=40 weeks thus 40/2=20 9/2=4.5. I think that whole 10 month lunar thing is looney. Every month on your due date number your another month. Otherwise you're pg forever!!!



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