How Many Months Is 16 Weeks

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MonaT - March 14

i will be 16 weeks on friday, does that mean i will be 4 months on friday.


Carla - March 14

Hi, I will be 16 weeks on friday also. My due date is sept 1st when is yours? I think we will be 4 months going on 5....Hopefully someone has an awnser


numba1cutie6t9 - March 14

ur both about 3.5 months . theres more than 4 weeks in every month. THis site helps


livdea - March 14

screw months is my honest answer...everyone goes by a different timeline...stay with weeks and if who ever is asking wants to know months...they can figure it out!


krc - March 14

when a guy asks how far along I am I say 5 months ( I am 20 weeks ). If it's another woman whose had kids I say how many weeks. Yes it's true some months have 5 weeks but I'd say the standard population goes by 4 weeks in a month. It really doesn't matter either way. It is 9 months till my due date. I can say I am 20 weeks or 5 months because I conceived 1st week of november. Before I got pregnant I knew nothing about how many weeks I was. People dont care....they just wanna know a basic, how many months you are kind of answer.


Karen_Fletcher - March 15

i would say 16 weeks is 4 months, 280days (av length of pg) divide by 7 (days in a week) = 40 (weeks) and 7(days in a week) multiplyed by 4 (av weeks in month) =28 (days for each pg month) and as (in theory) we are pregnant for a whole 9 months, day 280 would be the very last day, this how i believe they work it out, its relatively simple and the numbers add up ish!! lol, its not gospel, just my way of working it out for me, im 14 weeks, so i say im 3 and a half, as they say m/c risk decreases at 12wks/3months. hope this helps and i havent confused the stuffing out of you, lol


MonaT - March 15

thanks alot guys. Carla my due date is also sept 1st.


Carla - March 15

MONAT- Oh thats so cool we have the same due date? How have u been feeling? Are you showing yet?


MonaT - March 16

carla... i am showing a little, although the doctors told me that the baby is smaller than it supposed to be but other than that the baby is healthy. I have been sneezing like there is no tomorrow and have finally gained by my appet_te. I have been feeling abit dizzy lately. oh and i sometimes feel the baby move from time to time. What about u ?


Carla - March 16

Hi monat, I am showing a little too, it feels like a hard bump under my belly b___ton. I am feeling a little dizzy also. I wish i could eat what i want but unfortunatly i have indegestion / heartburn alot during my day so i hold back on eating some things i would love to eat. I thought a few times i felt the baby but im not really sure it was the baby, i cant wait for it to not be able to be mistaken.


Atarahsmommy - March 16

13 weeks is 3 months so your almost 4 months, take four weeks per month and then add and extra week per 3 months



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