How Many Of You Have Flown While Pregnant

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margie - July 6

It's 4 weeks until I get on that plane to Chicago...ugh, I'm so dreading it but I decided I'm going to face this thing head on and I have to be strong, I mean, I'm scared of delivering a baby too but I have no choice with that! I guess some things that are worth force you to face something you dont like or are scared of. I do like to travel but I'm so scared of the stupid plane. How many of you have flown while pregnant and how did it go? Any tips that you might have for me? I'll be 20 weeks then, I do have my boyfriend flying with me at least so I won't be alone but I'm still freaked out.


J.J. - July 6

are you freaked about flying in general? or does it have something to do with the pregnancy? I've flown to Italy and across the U.S. twice while preg (i'm 24 weeks) and it's really no different. i just get up to pee more often.


zeke_woolsey - July 6

I flew from Nevada to Hawaii (5ish hours I think) when I was 24 weeks with my 1st pregnancy. I talked my husband into letting me sit on the aisle so I wouldn't have to climb over people every time I had to go pee. It wasn't too bad, but I am not afraid of flying. I also brought extra snacks/water just in case I needed them. I didn't have a problem with swelling feet/ankles but if you are prone to that anyway, be aware.


margie - July 6

i do get scared much so that i usually take an anti anxiety med like xanax while flying, but now that im pregnant im not going to be taking anything at all im trying to do it all sober and praying that i dont panic, the idea that im pregnant scares me a little more too but im honestly not even sure why, i guess flying phobia is not very logical just like most phobias


Mrs.Steve - July 6

Wow, Margie, I leave for Chicago as well on Jul 31. We're taking a redeyen (from L.A.). I'll be 26 weeks. I used to LOVE to fly...until 9/11. Since then, not so much. I've never flown while pregnant. Dh, DD mom and stepdad will be going along. My mother has an extreme fear of flying because when she was 8 months pregnant with me she was almost in a plane crash. She's planning on being doped up on Ativan. I don't blame you for being freaked out. I am, too. Take off is the worst part for me. I HATE take off. After that, I think I'll be fine. What time will you be flying? We purposely chose a redeye so that we'd sleep through most of the trip.


beagle1223 - July 6

Margie, I completely understand how you feel. I am also terrified of flying ... and my husband and his best friend are pilots! They try to get me to go up in their plane all the time (which I have done a few times) and it just scares me to death! I do have to say though that it gets a little easier the more you do it. My husband's best friend is a commercial pilot and he has told me over and over how safe it is and how trained the pilots are. I know it's not easy to do but try to remember that flying is really safe and that the pilots have gone through a lot of training and medical exams in order to be flying that plane. You might bring your favorite music with you to help distract you - sometimes I do this and it really does help. Good luck and have fun on your trip!


margie - July 6

We will be leaving here at 5:40pm on august 3rd...I also wanted a late night flight, thats what i usually choose but that time was the cheapest one we could find. im flying out from phoenix so it's about 3 and half hours i think. i really hate take off as well, i think that most people have the most fearful moments during takeoff and landing. i was in a plane that a bit of a mistake from the tower and almost had a crash on landing with another plane, luckily the pilot did a great job of doing a touch and go--a maneuver that i know is not easy on an aircraft that large...that was when i was 18 and lo and behold that is when i started my fear of flying...i guess before that i was young and never realized that anything could really happen to me. turbulence is also my enemy during a flight.


margie - July 6

beagle1223: wow, your husband is a pilot? thats cool! i completely agree with you that the pilots are really great and trained very well, i work in a department where we do work on the flight management system of the plane even and realize that a lot of testing happens with just that part of the plane and im sure that every other part is the same way. maybe you're right that i need to make myself do it more and then it will become easier. i would like my kids to be able to travel a lot of places and see the world, and i am not going to be able to do that for them if i cant just get over it.


emtcutie1028 - July 6

Margie....we have the same due date... I am flying to florida on the 19th direct flight 4 hours. I will let you know how it goes!


margie - July 6

thanks! definetely let me know how things go, hope you have fun in Florida! this thread is actually making me feel a ton better!!! :-)


heather28 - July 6

I just got back from a week trip to Michigan and I flew there and back and I'm 27 weeks. I took off and landed a total of four times since I had a connecting flight. Everything was fine for me the baby was moving a bit more than normal and I wondered if her ears hurt like mine do sometimes. But other than that it was fine. At least your boyfriend will be with you so he can carry the luggage b/c that was the only difficult part for me, wrangling the luggage. Good luck and have fun!


crrodgers - July 6

Hey Margie, I was seven months when I flew to las vegas (my first pregnancy and the only difference was that my daughter was moving around like crazy! I went to Vegas a few weeks ago (3rd pregnancy) and I was only like 20 weeks and it wasn't bad at all! I am terrified of planes....sweaty palms and all. But pregnancy didn't make things any more nerve wrecking than not being pregnant. Good Luck!


kaitlin - July 16

I flew with my ds when I was 11 weeks, which is generally a no-no, but the trip was pre-booked and non-refundable (trip to Europe). It was fine. No problems. Even though it was a 9 hour flight, I got up to walk a lot, so it was okay. We had a bulkhead seat, so lots of room to spread out. We're currently planning a summer getaway, and I'm 14 weeks pregnant with no. 2. Not too worried, really. It's fine.


Fall - July 16

I flew at around 8 weeks... everything went great, I think you really only need to be concerned with flying when you are in your 3rd trimester. Have Fun!


Erins Mom - July 16

I'm planning a trip in late August (I think I'll be 23 or 24 weeks by then) and am taking my dd (whose 17 months now) with me, and my dh can't come. I'm dreading it, but not for the pregnancy, I'm trying to figure out how to keep my dd entertained on my lap for like 7 hours (with a layover inbetween). Crazy, I know, but I have to see my family before I can't fly anymore. Anyone with ideas let me know! Good luck!


angeev - July 16

I am 24w and just returned from Reno yesterday. I was scared to death, but not until I actually got on the plane... I was thinking the cabin pressure would push the baby out or something. I talked to a stewardess on each flight to let them know how I felt and they were very polite, kept checking on me and rea__sured me that people do it all the time. The baby moved lots during the flight but aside from that everything was normal. I do suggest an aisle seat though. I also flew at 6w not knowing I was pregnant yet.



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