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JILL - November 26

Hi mummy's to be, i was just wondering how many scans can you have during your pregnancy without being told you and baby are fine? i had one when i was 7 weeks as i had a miscarraige last year. Then another when i was 15 weeks and then my 20 week scan!! i was told i will go and have another one when i am 8 and a half mnths pregnant. i just find that a long way off, say if i had the baby at 8mnths how can the doctors tell me if the baby is ok if i didnt have a scan at say 7mnths. I just think we should all have scans at 7 2 8mnths regardless how we are doing in our pregnancy. THE ONLY CHOICE WE HAVE IS TO PAY 4 1 and some of us might not have the money.


maya - November 26

my doctor has one in the office. so when I go see him he checks the baby as well. I wonder why all doctors dont have this machine in the office?


anita - November 26

i had my 1st at 12wks and my second at 18wks. i won't be getting another one unless there's a problem with the baby. i agree with you jill, i think i should get at least 2 more.


erin - November 27

You guys are so lucky!! Here in Canada (at least where I live) we only get ONE at 20 weeks. I would love to have more, but that's ok. Guess there's a price to pay for free health care!


Lisa - November 28

I get one every 4 weeks; but that will stop when I go back to Canada..


Natalie - November 28

The problem is when there is a baby boom, the hospital have an overload of scans and cant possibly fit everyone in for lots. in englan you only have 2 routine scans, at 12 weeks and then at 21 weeks. i have had 4 scans so far and due for another when im 32 weeks, but the only reason that is is because of checking for heridetary conditions. alot of people dont have to worry about this so they offer more scans for people who really need them. i do understand though, i panic like mad if i cant remember her moving. if you want rea__surance, you could get a sonicade/fetal heart doppler, which can rea__sure you that your baby is fine until then


Nicole - November 28

My insurance only pays for one scan at 18-20 weeks. I think one is pretty normal you are lucky if you get more.


mls - November 28

I agree, I think you are lucky to get even one. to be honest, they whole thought of the ultrasound kind of worries me. they are sending high frequency sound waves into your stomach. are they absolutely SURE that's safe?


Emma - November 28

I have had 6 ultrasounds so far. One at 7 weeks, another at 8 1/2 weeks( due to spotting, showed a subchorionic hematoma) then a scan at 10 1/2 wks to see if hematoma resolved. It didn't. THen a scan at OB visit b/c couldn't hear heartbeat at 17wks. Then a scan at OB again at 20 wks then i had my 20 week scheduled ultrasound. AND my Ob called today to schedule another scan for Jan 4/06. I never had that many in any pregnancy before. I am high risk this time though so i guess more careful monitoring. I also live in Canada, where the norm is only one half way through.


Tiffany - November 28

I also get a scan every 4 weeks because i am high risk. It helps me alot because i dont stress as much because i get to see the baby more. But when i get to be almost 7 months we are going to get stationed somewhere else and i will have to get a new doctor which really sucks.


Terra - November 29

I had my first ultrasound at 9wks pregnant, then again at around the 20 week mark, I haven' t had another one and likely won't .. here we usually only get two , unless there is cause for one.


Terra - November 29

Lisa: You get them every 4 wks right now? where are you? I'm in Canada too *Ontario*


maya - November 29

I get mine every month as well even though I'm not high risk. The doctor has the machine in his office so it is part of the visit.


Tess - November 29

I had 1 done when I was 6 wks and 2nd for emergency due to light bleeding when I was almost 12 wks. I won't get my 3rd u/s done til the 1st wk of Jan to find out the gender plus check on the baby as well. I will be 21 wks by then.


MICHELLE - November 29

I had one at 5 1/2 weeks due to bleeding. Then at 8w. Another at 9 1/2. And then 12 1/2 for first trimester genetic testing. I wont have another for about 3 weeks. I will be 19w then.



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