How Many Weeks Please Forgive Me

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ry - October 19

Hey everyone! Ok I am not trying to aggravate anyone here i know this is a frustrating question to many but i think i am about 15 weeks pregnant. My first day of lmp was July 2. But on some sites it makes me 14, some 15, some 16. How do i know which is correct?


ry - October 19

i think one site in particular-babyzone- is really off or maybe its just me but it says i am 16 weeks and starting my 5th month. who


anita - October 19

you'll be 16 wks on 10/21


JP - October 19

It depends how ling your cycles are too. My cycles are 40 days so some say that I am 18 weeks when I know that I am 16 because I ovulate late.Try this site It seems to be the most accurate.


k - October 19

I am 16 weeks and baby zone said I was 5 months....I just thought I was 4 months...they must be on a different calendar than us :-))


Mandi - October 20

Here is a break down....first trimester ---one month 1-4 weeks, two months 5-8 weeks, three months 9-13; second trimester four months 14-17 weeks, five months 18-21 weeks, six months 22-26 weeks; third trimester seven months 27-30 weeks, eight months 31-35 weeks, nine months 36-40 weeks. But what I have been told is this varies from site to site....probably the whole menstral cycle thing.


*Samantha* - October 20

I am due March 28 and I thought I would be 4 months October 28. Would this not be true? What Mandi posted says I would be 4 months already. This is confusing!!


JP - October 20

Mandi- You are 4 months already. I am due April 1. I 16 weeks and 5 days today. The week of Oct. 30 will make me 5 months.


L - October 20

If this helps, my lmp was Fri, July 8th and I'll be 15 weeks tomorrow. That would put you at 16 weeks on Sat Oct 22nd


ry - October 20

thank you so much guys! the whole month thing is whole 'nother story but i at least want to know how many weeks i am!! :) Thanks!


to JP - October 21

I don't think you'll be 5 months week of October 30 if you're only 16w5d now. I am 20 weeks and am 4.5 months. Read "what to expect when you're expecting" or ask you're dr. There are 40 weeks to pregnancy so you cannot simply divide weeks by 4 to get to the's more complicated than that. Read Mandi's note she is pretty accurate but it does vary a bit based on who you talk to but not by much.


Maggie - October 23

What Mandi is saying is that once you have completed the 16th. week, you are finished with your 4th. month of pregnancy. At 17 weeks you are entering the first week of the fifth month.


JP - October 24

Thanks for the info, but even my doctor said I would be starting my 5th month Oct. 30th.


Jennifer - October 25

Go to a calculater that also asks for the number of days in your cycle.. i have a 35 day cycle so a normal 28 day calculater would be off for me.


A - October 25

Check this site out.. I think it explains the weeks / months thing...,1510,4400,00.html



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