How Much Discharge Is Normal After Cerclage

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goldfish - November 1

iam 15w today. Had the cerclage on 13w iam fine with no bleeding etc however since three days iam having some dicharge ordorless sometimes a little think sometimes watery and lower back pain which comes and goes. Is this normal should i go to the hospital.Called my doc she says if no bleeding i need not worry at the same time she said go to hospital.Doctors never give any positive answers sometime.Please help


Sims1 - November 1

see this is what scares me....sorry i have no answers, i'll have to get one done myself in a few weeks.....


Cevvin - November 1

odorless, no blood. I wouldnt worry to much. You have to remember that during pregnancy you are prone to having increased discharge. Even to the point were you think you broke your water, twice HA HA. Keep an eye on it. If anything changes, burning, itching odor, call your doc and check in with her.


goldfish - November 1

cool thats rea__suring cevvin


ShoppingForTwo - November 1

What Cevvin said is right. BUT if I were you I would go to the ER or to my doctor asap if I had ANY concerns! You are ALREADY high risk, any concern of yours is a big deal! If you are like most women who has to have a cerclage, then you have already had a second trimester delivery and hopefully your story isn't like mine because my severely premature daughter pa__sed away 9 and a half hours after she was born at ONLY 24 weeks due to an incompetent cervix. SIMS1 your very very very lucky that your doctor caught your weak cevix ealry enough to save your baby, please don't be afriad to get your cerclage. . . Their is NO other alternative. Their are 17p shots that help prevent preterm labor BUT they don't stop a weak cervix from dilated prematurely. YOU ARE BLESSED so please take advantage of it. *and btw did you ever get my email because you never responded. . . * Anyway, Goldfish, I think your fine, but I'm NOT a doctor, go in if you ever need reasuraunce. PLEASE!


Sims1 - November 2

Hey Shopping I didn't get your email. you have replace the "at" with the at symbol and replace the dot with dot. no spaces in the entire email. simal_dhillon at hotmail dot com



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