How Much Have You Gained Normal

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Jenn - January 31

Hi, I just wanted to ask how much everyone has put on so is so much better sharing this info. with other pregnant women than husband...hehehe. So I have gained 5 pounds and I am 22 weeks!! Which I think is ok...although a lady at the health department said that it was completely "unexceptable!" My doc said it was fine bc I have a nutritionist-and I started at 199. So be honest...what have you gained??? Oh, I love cheese!!


R - January 31

15lbs at 20wks


Renee - January 31

You were reading my mind! I am 20 weeks along and weigh about 148lbs. I started this pregnancy at 135, so I feel like I've put on quite a bit so far. I am carrying very well though. Even though I put on weight very evenly throughout my body, (as opposed to just one part) I still show curves on my sides and my belly is just a belly - looks like I have a basketball under my shirt. But I still can't help but wonder if I am putting on too much too fast. I have been eating VERY healthy too. Lots of fresh fruit, yogurt, chicken, and salads. I know my body is doing what it's supposed to do, but I feel so big and I have until JUNE to deliver!!!!!!


Jenn - January 31

yeah-June seems far away-with my first I started at 135 and topped out at 214-but I had diabetes towards the end and it went undiagnosed. I am watching what I eat-I splurge from time to time of course, but this past week I have had some real bad cravings!! I carry most of my weight in my booty and b___bs-My husband was surprised when I told him that I weighed 199-he didn't believe me-I guess that is a good thing!! I have been exercising though-it helps with back pain!! Good luck to you!!!


Tillie - January 31

At almost 21 weeks, I've gained 18 pounds. I honestly don't look that different! Besides the very pronounced belly which is impossible to hide now. At first I was afraid it was too much, but my doctor said it's perfect. (I was very average size pre-pregnancy.)


Jules - January 31

:) I'm twenty weeks pregnant, and I've gained two lbs so far. The doctor didn't say anything about it at my last appointement, though. I was pretty slim going into pregnancy, 5'6'' at 112lbs, which may be why I haven't gained too much. I eat a lot (just ask my husband!), so I'm not concerned yet! My belly is expanding though! And, baby is so active, so I know s/he is growing well! We find out in one week our baby's s_x! Yeah!


annie4444 - January 31

i'm 16 weeks and have actually lost 5 lbs (giving up nice cheese and alcohol i think!). i don't think there is any 'right' or 'acceptable' number of lbs to gain, as long as you feel healthy. also, it depends a bit on how much you weighed in the first place. i heard somewhere that liz hurley gained over 50 lbs (but then she probably only weighed about 112 to start with!!!)


MooBaby - January 31

Hi Jenn, I am 20.5 weeks and I have gained 6.5 pounds. (5 in the last month!) I think you are totally normal! At first I lost weight... no wine with dinner!! ;)


LIz - January 31

This is my second baby in under a year ( my first is only 8 months) and I am 22 weeks PG. I've gained about 10 lbs and I was a bit heavy to start with cause I never had a chance to loose the weight from my first pregnancy. I started this PG at 170lbs and I'm 180 today.


Laura - January 31

I have gained 2 pounds so far. I am 15 weeks.


TCB - January 31

I am 24 and a half weeks and have lost 13 pounds and have stayed the same weight for the past month. Im jsut happy that i stopped losing weight.


baby#2inaug - January 31

I am almost 13 weeks and at my last appt I hadn't gained anything yet, I have my next prenatal appt in 2 days so I'll see if I have in the past month. I think I have a bit, my tummy sure popped out


Shannon - January 31

13lbs at 27 Weeks


dee - February 1

16wks gained n lost 0 pounds


Hope - February 1

I am 21 wks and I have gained 7 lbs! My dr. seems fine with that! I am 5'4" and pre pregnancy weight was 123! With my son I was 100lbs and 5'4" and gained 65 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!


Tess - February 1

Im 24-25 wks pg due May 19th. Pre-pregnancy weight was 183 lbs. So far Ive gained 6-7 lbs. I have a doctor's appt this Friday so we'll see if Ive put some more weight. :)


Ba8y6irl - February 1

lost 9 gained 5 at 24 weeks



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