How Much Swelling Is Too Much At Only 13 Weeks

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kimberly - February 23

I posted under another question on here but hope I will get a better response posting my own question. I am only 13 weeks and already have noticed I have a lot of swelling in my ankle and foot.(right leg amputee, only have one foot). This is my 3rd baby and I do not remember this unitil much later on. Could this be signaling a problem or should I be concerned??


sarahd - February 23

I would talk to your doctor, as swelling like that can be a sign of high blood pressure (pre-eclampsia). Generally normal water-retention swelling doesn't happen until much later I belive. Good luck!!


kimberly - February 23

I do tend to be pre hypertensive when not pregnant, but at my last appointment it was 124/70, perfect! I guess it could have changed, but I haven't checked it since then.


Tracy88 - February 23

I would go to the doctor because like Sarah said, it is too early for the normal pregnancy swelling to be occuring.


Tammy276 - February 24

I would ask your doctor about it, but they usually don't worry too much about leg swelling....they start to worry about pre=eclampsia when it you get sudden severe swelling in your hands and face. I know my left leg always swells up more and it is just from pressure on a certain even happened all the time before I got pregnant when I would get my period. From me being bloated, the pressure caused swelling only in my left leg....but talk to your doctor just to be sure.


JolieLucker - February 24

maybe lay off the salty foods if you're eating a lot of salty foods.


kimberly - February 24

Thanks ladies! I will be checking with my Dr., but when I checked my blood pressure at the store it was still fine, so I am sure it is not that. I guess it is just normal swelling, I just didn't have it with my last two. Also I do not eaT alot of salt, b/c I don't like salty foods.



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