How Much Water Everyone Is Drinking

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swan - August 4

hi there i m in 21 st week and i hv been so thirsty always since 2nd month , i drink 8-9 (8 oz each) glass during day and 5-6 (8 oz each) during night. i m so sick of being thirsty in the night, anybody?? how much are u guys drinking?????pplse reply


dani - August 4

Swan, sounds like your drinking a lot of water. I drink 12 gla__ses (8 oz) a day to stay hydrated. I also feel kinda thirsty afterwards too....maybe it's our raging hormones....hehe.


t - August 4

i'm so very thirsty at night. i get up in the middle of the night to drink anything i can. i try and drink water but get so thirsty, i end up drinking gatorade. my nurse practioner said to drink as much water as possible so that i don't go into premature labor.


Sonia - August 4

Mmm... I should definetely drink more water. I try to have water with my meals, and drink some ocasionally. I'm a bad girl, I wish I was more thirsty than this.


dani - August 4

To T: That's really intersting to know that if you drink a lot of water it will help prevent in premature labor. Thanks for the tip - August 4

Drinking a little more than a gallon a day. It's so hot and miserable here!! Ya'll make sure to keep up the water drinking and shame shame Sonia. Whether you want it or not you need to drink it. If you don't you can get dehydrated. I learned recently that in addition to all the bad stuff that can happen to YOU, when you're dehydrated you can start having contractions and go into preterm labor. You'd think I'd know that after 3 previous pregnancies. My suggestion is to get those little bottles of water and have them beside you all day. If you see it, take a drink whether you want it or not.


swan - August 5

hey t thats right we hv to drink lots of fluids to prevent preterm labor , my Dr said that. dani 12 gla__s is also a good qty. thanks for replying gals, keep drinking ... i mean water :o)


Eurowoman - August 5

I drink about ave. 3-3½ liters of water a day + juices+ milk. I pee every 20-30 minutes I think or at least feels like it..:).


c - August 5

I am thirsty to all the time. I drink 3 L during the day, and 1 to 1 1/2 L at night. I am now 21 weeks and it has slowed down a little bit now. I did not know being dehydrated cause contractions or premature labour. I am also thankful for the tip.


shelly - August 5

I say drink as much as you want. If you're thirsty thats your body's way of telling you you're dehydrated. Plus I was just reading if you drink alot of water your skin stretches better, less stretch marks!!!


Bree - August 5

I drink a lot, also. I also get really thirsty throughout the night so I usually have a big gla__s on the table next to my bed so I can drink up when I get up during the night I can down some more. The only bad thing is it makes me get up again usually to pee!!!


Rachel - August 9

Hi everyone. I am 18 weeks along, and I, too get very thirsty. I drink about 10-12 gla__ses during the day and at night I keep a liter of bottled water at my bedside. Everytime I turn, or get up to you the bathroon, I am very thirsty, so I take a drink of the water. By morning, the bottled water is usually gone, and then time for a refill. The only annoying thing about drinking so much is that it feels like I have to urinate every 30minutes. Everytime my husband and I go somewhere I make sure to use the bathroom before, but we usually have to stop at a gas station about 4 times before we head back home, and then to the bathroom again, the minute we get home. But, I say it is all worth it for the little one.


Bree - August 9

I know the feeling, Rachel. I feel like I'm constantly having to go myself.



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