How Much Weight Did You Gain By 5 Months Prego

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Jess - May 23

I was wondering how much weight you gained by the time you were 5 months preo. Did you eat healthy and exercises too?????I gained 16 Lbs and fear I gained too much.


Misty - May 23

I am 19 weeks right now. Not sure of the exact for my 19 weeks, but at my 17 week check-up I had gained 5 pounds. From 144 to 149. Since I was already a little overweight though that seems to be on track with where it should be, I hope anyways. I am nearly 5'8 so I am pretty tall, so it doesn't seem too bad, but I still feel like a whale.


HP - May 23

I'm 21 wk and I've gained 7 lbs. I was 120 pre-preg, now 127. I hope its normal.


rae - May 23

At 5mths I've gained 2lbs but the doc said I needed to put on some more. The only thing that is different in my deit is I don't drink coke and more water


Misty - May 23

Yeah I actually feel quite lucky that I haven't gained a lot more then I have. I still drink the fruit flavored sodas that don't have caffiene and eat ice cream occasionally and fried foods. So I'm not really going all that healthly. So I really do feel lucky that I haven't gained twice as much already.


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - May 23

I will be 20 wks on Thursday and I have gained approx. 8-10 pounds. My last appt. was three weeks ago and at that point I had gained 6 pounds total. I try to eat better than usual, but it is hard. I can't stand fruit and although I do like veggies they are not as handy as junk food. I try to eat boiled eggs, cheese, salads and low sodium foods. I also walk about 1 mile approx 5-6 times per week. I am very proud of my weight with this pregnancy. With my son I gained about 50 pounds. I looked horrible and was soooo swollen. I couldn't wear my wedding band or most shoes by five months.


Audrea - May 24

My EDD is Oct.10 so I am just now 20 weeks/5 months. I have gained 3 pounds as of two weeks ago. I also had severe ALL DAY sickness with many days of nonstop vomitting from weeks 7-16. I did not start to gain weight until week 15 and 16, and before that I had lost 10 pounds due to the sickness I had to endure. I am still at a loss at this point.


AIsha - May 24

At this point Ive gained 15 lbs...Im all belly but Im not going to sit and worry about it because there is still weight to go so all those 2lb gainers...get ready to,,,the weight will come remember you are pregnant not fat from overeating.


Melissa - May 24

I am 21 weeks and I have gained 13 pounds. My Doctor says I should gain about 35 lbs, so I think I am on track. I think you are fine too.


Julie - May 24

I am 20 weeks and have gained 11.5 lbs. and was 100 lbs. to begin with so this is good for me. With my las pregnancy I gained a total of 50 so I am watching it this time!


J - May 24

I'll be 19 weeks on Thursday, and at my 17 week appt. I had gained 12 pounds. My dr. said this was right where I should be. It does make a difference what you weighed before you got prego. If you were heavier pre-preg, you are not supposed to gain as much and vice versa. Good Luck!


Beth - May 24

11 pounds.


Belle - May 24

I am 20 wks. and I have gained 15 lbs. Dr. said this was normal. It has all gone to my b___bs and belly.


penny - May 24

I'm 5 months, and had gained 2 pounds, but when I went in on the 20th I had lost 3 pounds.......Yippie.....I'm only 5 feet, and after 2 kids still can stand to lose some weight. They did tell me they don't want to see this, but hey I"m okay with it. (Oh I was sick for awhile, so that could be a cause of not gaining as well.) :)


C - May 24

I am 23 weeks and I have gained exactly 20lbs.It is all belly. I was 130 before preg. I was not able to walk during the first trimester due to EXTREME Tiredness and nausea but I walk all the time now. I gained 15lbs right away and now have slowed down the last 2 appointments I have put on the extra 5. But today one of my messages that gets sent to me email said this week marks the beginning of an increase of weight gain due to the baby doubling in size in this next month. I really haven't been to worried about it. I will lose it when the baby comes. Just as long as the little one is heathly.


kate - May 24

I'm 17 weeks and have lost 15 lbs. I expected my doctor to be concerned, but she doesn't seem to be too worried about it. I did have bad morning sickness, but for the last month I've just had no appet_te. Maybe becaue I was a little overweight to begin with.


Stephanie - May 24

I will be 20 weeks tomorrow and I have gained 3 pounds. I saw the Dr. today and he says baby weighs 1 pound ;o) Oh..... I am 5'3 and to date weigh 125



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