How Much Weight Gain

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Ashley - June 2

I was wondering how much weight I should have gained by 13-14 weeks into pregnancy. Is anyone showing yet?


M.C - June 2

i am 22 weeks and have gained 12 my doctor told me yesterday i was gaining fast,but i thought i was doing good some people can't tell i'm pregnant at 13 or 14 weeks i was showing i really started about 8 weeks but have stayed about the same.i too am wondering about everybody's weight gain


Jennifer - June 3

I am 12 weeks and have gained 2 pounds. I am just starting to show. the weight gain is different for everyone. Go the the website and it will break the weight gain down for you. Or get the book what to expect when you are expecting. It's wonderful and has answered a lot of my questions about my pregnancy.


C - June 3

It depends on how much you weigh before you get pregnant. If you are really skinny most likely the weight will come on faster--if you are overweight the weight will likely come on slow. If you eat correctly--fruits, vegies, less junk your body will gain what it needs to. I am 25 weeks and have gained 20 lbs. and my doctor told me that everything is going well. I eat good and walk atleast 4-5 times a week. I was skinny to begin with so I guess that's what my body wanted to do! Believe me it is hard somedays to think that I have gained that much but then I turn it around and think about the wonderful baby that is growing along with my belly. people with average weight before pregnancy are supposed to gain 25 to 35 lbs and overweight people are supposed to try 15 to 25 lbs.


Jo - June 3

I'm nearly 19 weeks and have gained 7 pounds. But up to 14 weeks i had only gained 2 lbs total. I eat pretty normally, fairly healthy, a little junk, so I also feel that my body's doing what it needs to. I'm still not showing. Everyone's different...some say at 22 weeks, they've gained only 1 lb, and others have gained 10 lbs by 12 weeks.


M.C - June 6

this is also my third baby i was 125 when i got pregnant,i think it's normal but he hurt my feelings that day!


Julie - June 6

I am about 22 weeks and have gained 13 lbs. I feel like I've gained 30! I am really trying to watch what I eat but I still keep gaining!


Kiley - June 6

I am 24 weeks and I have gained 25 lbs.... This is my first baby, at 33-years old and I am all stomach.


leslie - June 6

I am going to be 23 weeks in 2 days and I have gained like 5 you think this is too little?? I am just starting to get a little pooch..


Heidi - June 6

When I was 17 wks I gained like 17 lbs! She said this was a little high as I should be at 10 lbs at 20 wks. I'm at 20 wks now and have another appt today so I'm going to see if I maintained the weight or gained more. I have a feeling I gained more. Yikes! It seems to be all in my belly too. She said usually you can see it in your face if you're gaining too much and she said everything looked normal and I just might be hitting my growth spurt early as far as weight gain. I may have been retaining a lot of water that day too. Who knows. I'm trying not to worry about it. I still get exercise and walk a lot and I don't eat a lot of junk food anymore so I don't know why I'm gaining like I am. I was 115 lbs before I got pregnant and have never been overweight.


Tigerphoenix - June 6

Im 20 wks and have only lost weight. I haven't gained an ounce yet. Its starting to worry me. Im going to talk to my Dr next week at my appt.


Amy - June 8

I am 13 weeks and have gained 6 lbs. I was small before I became preg and now I'm too large to fit into my pre-preg clothes. It's amazing how 6 lbs can change the way everything fits. I try to eat healthy but I just keep gaining.


Christy - June 8

It's funnyhoe everyone's OB has a different take on wieght gain. I am 15w4d and have gained 12 pounds already. The doc thought that was fine. The thing is, aside from my belly, and bit on my thighs, I am not sure where the 12 pounds are coming from. I guess being tall (5'9") helps in that regard.


Sis - June 8

I am 21 weeks, and I have gained 12 pounds so far as many of you. I was skinny before getting pregnant too,so I guess that is why my body wanted to put on some pounds pretty quick. Most of my weight was put on in first trimester,but now I am gaining very slowly,like 3 pounds in last 8 weeks. I eat healthy, doctor didnt say anything, and I think it is just alright weight gain for me at this point. My mom gained quickly too at the beginning as me/skinny minnie too/ and ended up gaining only 22 pounds total. So for those who fear scale not panic!


Claire - June 8

At 22 weeks I have gained about 20 lbs. I was worried that it was too much but since I was underweight before becoming pregnant I think I have gained more than some. However, I'm not showing much, and have mostly just filled out. Weird.



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