How Much Weight Have You Gain

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Cheryl - November 14

I'm just over 20 weeks and I've gain 2 pounds. I was a little over weight to being with. I'm 5'2 and weighed pre-pregnancy 152. My doctor said the baby will take what it needs and my body is most likely using up my stored fat reserves first. He siad I might even end up skinner after pregnancy then I was prior to pregnancy! Wouldn't that be nice.


Tasha - November 14

I started at 148 at 5'4 and am 20 weeks, I have only gained 3 pounds, (2 weeks ago at my appointment) my doctor said its fine and they dont worry until 28 weeks when you should gain a pound a week, but I think its great, at this rate I'l gain 25 pounds which is really safe and a lot easier to lose, probably in the first couple weeks! Excpecially if you breatfeed, I say dont worry, and dont binge! Eat safe.


andrea - November 14

i feel like I'm in big trouble. I'm 24 weeks. Pre-preg I was 5'7" and weighed 120 lbs. I have already gained 20 lbs.AHHHHHHHHHH.I'm not dieting but I am very aware of what I've been putting in my mouth-I need to put down the ding-dongs and pick up the lil veggies.


Tamara - November 14

I'm 5'8" and was pre-preggo about 145lbs and am now 169lbs...yikes!!! I hope this melts off me post-preggo. I'll have to worry about it then. I've been eating quite healthy so I dunno.


Tamara - November 14

PS: i'm 23.5 weeks


Jess - November 14

I'm 17 weeks and have gained 4 pounds. Pre-pregnancy 5'3" and 135


Shawna E. - November 14

Like Cheryl and Tasha have posted, I have also gained very little weight... just 3 pounds at my last visit (20 weeks). I was already quite overweight but still quite healthy... 214 pounds and 5'6" pre-pregnancy, wearing a size 16-18 pants. I lost several pounds at first, because I did have fairly severe morning sickness (and I still do some days). The doctor doesn't seem concerned thus far, and I a__sume that I am using fat reserves and re-distributing my weight. My belly has grown, but the rest of me seems more slim. I am eating a more healthy diet than I did before pregnancy, cutting back on salt and fried foods. I suppose that can account for some of it! Plus, I always eat breakfast now (I have to, to avoid getting sick), and I used to skip this meal... which I have heard contributes to weight gain. So I think that my better diet, more frequent small meals, and the extra "padding" that I already have has helped me avoid weight gain that I probably did not need.


to Cheryl - November 14

It's quite likely that is true. I was slighly overweight before pregnancy, and I've only gained a pound or so at nearly 18 weeks.


kendall - November 14

i'm 26 weeks and i've gained 21lbs. pre-preg i was 153lbs at 5'8


Emy - November 14

I am 26 weeks and I have gained around 24 pounds! But I was 118 pre pregnancy and I don't feel fat anywhere else on my looks like it is mostly water and baby..If I continue to gain a pound a week I will be at about 38 pounds when all is done....hopefully a lot of it will come off while b___st feeding. Most people say I look small so I have no idea where the weight it


erin - November 14

I started out 5'4'' and 130 lbs, I am now 21 weeks and I think I've gained about 10 pounds, haven't been weighed in awhile. Hope I don't get a nasty surprise in that department at next week's appointment. It's hard to say what the weight will do after the baby's born. With my first I gained 40 pounds and had to REALLY fight it off and only succeeded at losing 20 of it, with my second I gained 45 and it just seemed to come off by who knows! And I didn't b___stfeed either one so that didn't help me. But I think trying to eat healthy now and exercise a little will pay off later no matter how much I gain this time.


melissa - November 15

i am a few days over 25 weeks and I have gained 20 lbs. I am little freaked by that, but my aunt who is an OB nurse says some people gain the most in the beginning and then slow down and some dont gain until the end. I'm guessing by the end I will have gained 35 lbs or so.


Lisa - November 15

I'm in my 24th week and I've gained 12lbs so far. I'm 5'6 and "was" 123lbs. I plan on b___stfeeding as I hear that will drop the weight off pretty fast.


Kaye - November 15

I'm 5.8 and pre pregnancy 130 I've gained 7.5lbs. I'm only 15 weeks. I'm kinda freaking but hope it comes off with b___stfeeding also. I just feel when the baby is so little how can I put on the weight, I've read the breakdown of weight so I know it's just hard this being my first and I'm usually very active and haven't been for the first 3 months so I feel like I'm getting fat not baby weight.


hc - November 15

i am 24 weeks and have gained 9 pounds. i am 5.8 and was 140 when i got pregnant.


Skyla - November 15

5' 7 pre-preg 130 pds. Had not gained anything at all the 1st 4months. I am now 24wks and have gained 13 pds.


bean - November 15

I'm 17 weeks. Pre-pg I was 120lbs at 5'5. Now I'm about 129lbs. Right on track for a healthy 30-ish lb. gain by April when the baby is due... I hope! I also, like Kaye, put on a ton in the first few weeks. I think that if you start out slim your body gains fast to store up fat, then slows down the gain until the 1lb a week part starts. I gained about 6lbs of the 9lbs in my first 8 weeks!



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