How Much Weight Have You Gained So Far

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pregnant76 - February 3

Hi, I am 17wks pregnant and have already gained 13 pounds. I'm worried that I will go beyond the 25-35 lbs by the time I'm due. I'm much weight have you gained?


flappergirl - February 3

don't worry too much about it, everyone gains weight at a different rate so you might gain less in the end. I'm now 26.6 weeks and have gained 20 pounds...but like i said.. try not to measure yourself against others.


jessicaspatherapist - February 3

i'm 15 weeks, i've gained about 5 pounds although it feels like more! i have people telling me "oh i only gained 10 lbs the whole time" i think their either full of c___p or they starved their baby!


Cad0587 - February 3

I'm 20 weeks today and I've gained like 4 pounds... maaaaybe 5 but definitely not more than that. It's crazy but the doctors don't seem to be concerned so I'm not!


krnj - February 3

I'm 15 weeks and gained about just 2 pounds so far. I've been having trouble with m/s so I'm sure that's why.


squished - February 3

I'm 16w and I've gained 4 pounds so far although with the way my stomach looks like more than that :). Everyone is different like flapper said. Some gain 10 pounds the whole time and some gain 50. My SIL gained 64!


Diva647 - February 3

I think it depends on where you start out, the lower your weight when you get preggers the more you need to gain. With my 1st baby I started out at 5'6 110lbs & gained 38 lbs overall. The Dr never brought up my weight so I didn't stress. This time I put on weight to concieve, started out at 110 again & at 12 weeks am up 9lbs on the home scale 12lbs on the Dr.s scale. (doesn't that drive you nuts how diff. the weight can be from home to the drs?!) But it's not like I'm going to diet or anything. I'm not eating any more than usual & eat an extremely healthy diet. And a lot of women start their pregnancies at 122lbs or more, so I may be doing a little catch up. Just eat health-fully, walk when you can & worry about the baby fat after the baby is born. You can always make time later to get in back in shape! Don't be like my sister-in-law who starved herself during her pregnancy & then bragged that she wasn't gaining enuff weight. She looks horrible now. Pregnancy is NOT the time to rag on your body!!! TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF & YOUR BABY!!! by the way, is this your 1st or 2nd or more baby? that & your age play a part as well.


Allisonc79 - February 4

I am 16 weeks and have gained about 12 pounds. I was 120 pre-pregnancy. But I started a work out routine and have only gained about 4 pounds just this past 4 weeks, which I think is good in the second trimester where you gain more faster. Just work out and keep tone, don't pay attention to weight. Your stomach is going to stretch and need work no matter what you do. I try and walk fast on the treadmill, and do weights on arms and legs. I am doing that and eating as right as I can, eliminating empty caleries. If you have never had a weight problem, chances are after baby that weight will drop off fast if you work at it. I'd like to keep up with you since we are gaining at the same rate, lemme know how it works out.


soimpatient - February 4

I am 16weeks and I have also gained 12-13lbs. I was really worried about it in the first, I don't care as much. I mean, I'm still worried about having 50lbs stuck on me after the baby is here but hey, there is nothing that I can do about it right now so I figure I'll worry about it later.


Jmom - February 4

With my first ds I gained 50 lbs and had 20 still on me. This time (got pregnant when ds was about 5 months) I gained 15 so far and am 24 weeks pregnant.


Marie6549 - February 4

I am a larger lady and did only gain 10lbs with my DS4 and went 2 weeks over!! I am currently 16w 2d and have lost midwife is not concerned at all as I have a few pounds to spare...LOL!!!


pregnant76 - February 4

Allisonc79 & soimpatient, I definitely want to keep up with the both of you. It sounds like you're gaining weight at the same rate I am. This is my first baby but I am 5'1 and was 118 pre-pregnancy. I am still eating pretty much the same and healthy but I work such long hours (10-12 hours a day) that I am too tired to work out when I get home. So, maybe that is something that is also affecting my weight gain. Thanks so much everyone!


soimpatient - February 4

Pregnant76. I am 5'5" and was 135lbs prepregnancy. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and I'm dreading the "weigh-in" and having to listen to my doc tell me to slow down the weight gain. I'll let you know what he says.


MNMOM - February 4

I am 19 weeks and have gained 6 pounds. With my son I gained 19-20 in all. Hopefully this will be similar.


c_baer19 - February 4

I was a little underweight to start with, but I'm 16 weeks tomorrow and on Friday I had gained 7.5 pounds.


Diva647 - February 4

c_baer19, dude if you were underweight when you started & you only gianed 7.5 you could stand to gain more. For my height I was considered underweight so I ate to nuture my body & my baby. . . you gotta take care of that baby & give it nutrients & you so can support all the changes your body is going thru. Like I said, my SIL did not eat enuff in her last pregnancy (not saying that you arent) & she looks really ragged & older now. Her baby was born last May.


aliciavr6 - February 5

Diva, for some of us, being underweight is just how we are and always have been. It's not about being healthy/unhealthy and I think her doctor would advise if she should gain weight. I eat all day long everyday, and have gained 10lbs total at 21 weeks (normally 5'9, 110lbs) and I am perfectly healthy. I'm sure she is taking care of her baby... AND at week 16, I had gained maybe 2 lbs. if that. And I am not being unhealthy so don't a__sume she is.



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