How Often Are You Having Sex

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Goddess - November 5

I was just wondering if we could get a feeling for how often we ladies in the 2nd trimester have s_x and what is the majority. I'll start. I have it only about once every 15 days. DH is not happy....:(


Alycia - November 5

I'll be 14 weeks on Monday, and we're back to doing it nearly every day. I HATED the thought of s_x (and orgasms gave me bad cramps) for the first ten weeks, but it's been all good for the past four weeks or so!


??? - November 5

S_x, whats that??? That should answer the question!! No s_x drive whatsoever!!


Amy - November 5

Goddess well your hubby is alot more happier than mine we are lucky if we have done it 6 times since June


Shawna E - November 5

At least once, but often twice a week. We were much more infrequent earlier on, because I have a history of miscarriage and neither of us felt comfortable having s_x very often until we hit the second trimester. Even though I have the drive to have it MUCH more often than our recent 1-2 times per week, we are sticking to that for now.


jb - November 5

I really have very little s_x drive. We probably do it once a week. I do that just to keep hubby satisified.


sparkles - November 5

About once a week, but only because I fall asleep before we can start anything! Hopefully, I'll start getting more energy to DTD more. I'm kind of bummed, though. I thought that your s_x drive was supposed to increase when pregnant, but mine seems to have decreased. Before I was pregnant, I loved s_x and had to do it at least every other day! Now I feel like I could care less sometimes. Any advice on how to increase your s_x drive?


Tamara - November 5

I'm with Amy...we've maybe done it 6 times since June. I please hubby other ways and I'm just not into s_x...which is odd cause I used to want it way too much!! Weird.


Dana - November 5

I have the desire to have s_x, but then when we do it's uncomfortable. I feel like a turkey just stuffed full of things......babies......p___ses. Plus I'm not exacltly the s_xiest thing to look at at 25 weeks


Reni - November 6

You ladies are cracking me up! So if we get to the s_x part AT ALL, how about the orgasm????? I'd like to know how you all are doing in the Big O department. I think pregnant s_x SUCKS! Dana feels like a stuffed turkey - I feel like everything is rearranged or hidden, and so uncomfortable anymore! I'm so disappointed cuz I read many women find s_x much more enjoyable during pregnancy. Hmm.


Pete - November 6

ive been having s_x always everyday with my DH almost everyday since the 1st time we met!! pregnancy hasnt changed anything, i still have s_x almost everyday, sometines twice a day if he's lucky!!.....


Chrissy - November 6

Ummmm... Once every two weeks or so. I have a problem with laughing during. I cant seem to get turned on so everything my hubby does to "seduce" me seems absolutely hilarious. It ruins the mood for him because he feels like I am laughing at him. Not to mention... I feel so nasty being naked. It so hard to move around... plus I'm so ga__sy...I'm more worried about ripping a big one on him to actually enjoy anything.


Jenn - November 6

As much as possible everyday at least . my hubby finds me more s_xy now and I feel sorry but really have a great s_x drive now ,just alittle hard to get into different positions as scared to hurt the baby but spooning is the best and least uncomfortable .


Alycia - November 6

Reni - As I mentioned earlier, orgasms gave me cramps until I was about 10 weeks, so I avoided them like the plague. I'm only 14 weeks now, so I'm not giant and uncomfortable yet, and orgasms feel pretty much the same as they did pre-pregnancy. Altogether, though, my s_x drive has definitely decreased. I'm just doing it every day to keep dh happy, and it's not like I mind or anything.


Tess - November 6

Every wkend only :)


EK - November 6

I've had to scam my husband into s_x because I want it so much! Not because the feeling has increased or anything, I think I just want to feel the closeness. Actually, it doesn't feel great and I can't orgasm. But I still want to have s_x all the time!


elizabeth - November 6

I am almost 26 weeks and my boyfriend and i never have s_x anymore, no s_x drive what so ever, and boyfriend little disapointed but understands lol...



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