How Often Are You Having Sex

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elizabeth - November 6

I am almost 26 weeks and my boyfriend and i never have s_x anymore, no s_x drive what so ever, and boyfriend little disapointed but understands lol...


Ashley - November 7

Well, I'm nearing 26 weeks and s_x is definatly more akward. Still, we manage about 2-3 times a week and at least 2+ times on the weekends. I still get the "o" but along with it I get BH now, which makes for an interesting combination!! For a while I wondered if I shouldn't, but I also get the Braxton's when I wait too long to empty my bladder so I just figure it's for a good cause! ;)


anita - November 7

we're only doing it about once a wk., maybe a little less. i can't really enjoy b/c i'm worried about the baby. i try to give him at least that much b/c everyone says my fear isn't really rational, but i don't enjoy it as much.


ugh - November 7

I am so jealous! we don't have it at all. I think maybe twice in the last 20 weeks. But that isn't THAT unusual. We only go about twice a month normally. I have a very high s_x drive and my dh is very low. Not very compatible there. I am lucky I get it as much as I do I guess.


Emy - November 7

I have it a few times a week and have the O each time. I have been really into it this second trimester. I will probably do it much less in the next couple of weeks though as I move into the third trimester. It is starting to make me nervous to think of how big the baby is in there. I feel bad for dh, who would have it every day if he could, but oh well! Better get used to it now, lol...


dk - November 8

once a week for us cos im jus not in the mood. poor hubby is a bit frustrated but quite understanding:) tho i must say i get a nice big O every time.. its much better now for me then it was pre-preg. jus wish the the drive was there more often!!


js - November 8

I am 19 weeks and we have it about every other day or so, work schedule providing. Nothing really changed since getting pregnant. just the positions :)


Kerry - November 8

We have had s_x 3 times in 19 weeks. Not great at all. I spotted in the first trimester most of the time, so avoided s_x until that tapered off. It did at about 15 weeks, so we had a go (and it was great) but the following day I spotted again, so that really did it for us... I can't really relax enough now. Hubby more than understands which is rea__suring and makes me love him all the more for it !! x


TEIGAN - November 8

im trying to get it when ever possible, this baby must be filled with viagra!! but i have to thank hubby as he lets me have it, but if he says no i do tend to have a little fit of rage, we had to be carefull in the first three months as re current misscaridges but im out of the water and knee deep in s_x!!!!! lifes good xxx


Jennifer - November 8

I'm 14 weeks, and I'd say an average of every other day. I am definitely having issues with orgasm. They're supposed to feel good, right? Well, they do. During and for about 3 seconds after. Then my stomach gets all tight and uncomfortable. It almost makes the orgasm worthless,except for one thing. I wonder if anyone else feels this? After an orgasm, my uterine walls become almost hard, and I can feel the outline really good. I can normally tell the whereabouts, but when this happens, I can tell Exact outline. That's the only neat part. Now if it could just not be uncomfortable, that would be great.


Jenn - November 8

I'm 20 weeks and we have had s_x about every other day since conception. I was really sick for the first 14 weeks, still a little sick, but fiancee is very persistant. I've never orgasmed, ever.... sooo not a problem there.


Terra - November 8

I've just started my 20th week, and my fiance and I have a regular s_x life... Even as the belly is expanding , we will be FINDing ways to deal, I haven't lost my s_x drive, now that I'm in my second trimester, first, only because I was so nausious


Terra - November 8

Jen, when is your due date? I'm 20 wks too, due March 30th


Lacy - November 10

Dang girls, I dont know whats happened to me, but I've turned into like a playboy bunny! I want it all the time...and sometimes I even have to talk hubby into it! lol. He doesnt complain too much though. At least once a day...more on weekends.


Lindsay - November 10

I hardly have it at all. I want it more, bf wants it more, but I feel gross! I used to be very pretty at 110 lbs 5'5" very fit, nice b___bs. Now I'm 132, I don't mind my tummy but I have gained water weight and some fat, my legs gross me out, I look knock-kneed from the extra weight on my legs, my arms are thicker and no longer cut. My shoulders are frumpy now, I don't feel pretty at all, very self concious, and it makes me not want s_x. I feel like I'm 4 times the size of my bf and it turns me off. I don't even wear makeup anymore, bleh I feel groos, I can't wait til this is over.


Jenn - November 11

TERRA- i'm due the 25th



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