How Often Do I Have To Feel It Worried

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Perle - January 31

HI, I'm 20 weeks now, and have my baby prior to today but it seems to me, that yesterday I hardly felt it at all, I was resting most of the day. So, how often do you have to feel it, how can you check that everything is normal. Thanks for your help


Cortney - January 31

Drink orage juice! It will give the baby a burst of energy and move around. Give it a few min, then wait. Good luck!


jenn - February 1

eat a meal and then if you dont feel the baby move within an hour i believe at about ten times an hour then call your dr


P - February 2

Hi Jenn, thanks for your response. r u serious, does the baby have to move a lot, how and when at what point in the pregnancy??? have you more info please thanks


Sandra - February 3

No-the baby does not need to move 10 times per hour-especially not at 20 weeks! If it were moving 10 times an hour when would it sleep? At 20 weeks you can expect to feel your baby more some days and less on others. It all depends on the position the baby is in and even her ... mood on that particular day. After 28-31 weeks of pregnancy some doctors believe that you should feel her move around 10 times a day. Every baby is different and every mom is different. Everything is normal at this point however. You should only fret if a couple of days pa__s without feeling anything at all. All the best.


w - February 3

I agree wit Sandra at 20 weeks u should feel baby move whenever it wants to move I am coming up to 21 weeks and feel the baby move alot, even wen i ave not ate, but b4 this i did not feel it at all, well I may have but just did not know it. Good Luck!


Melissa - February 24

im 17 years old and 31 weeks today, but my lil girl hasnt moved every since 11am, and now it is alomst 6pm.. i drink ice cold water and nothing, had something sweet,and nothing maybe a stwich but she normally moves all the time non-stop



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