How Often Do You Feel Baby Move

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Kristin - May 20

I'm sure this differs for everybody, but I am compelled to ask. I think I felt the baby move today, a little butterfly sensation in my lower belly, a feeling I have never felt before, so it must have been her!!! My question...After you felt the first flutter, how often after that did you feel the baby? Was it a couple of days? that same day? Please respond! Thanks!


Amber - May 20

I just started to feel the baby and the first time I felt him it was about two hard jabbs to my side. I didn't feel him until that night when I was woken by another three strong jabbs/kicks. Then, a few days past and felt him again. Now, after only about a week the jabbs a much more frequent, around 2-3 times/day. I can actually feel a bit of a tightening feeling/movement and is usually followed by his strong little jabs! It is such a neat experience isn't it?


aishah - May 20

I know this sounds wierd but once they start they dont stop and you will long for the days when you arent constantly at inner a__sault. Mine moves constantly and i first started feeling him on week 20 and now hes unstoppable.


Kristin - May 20

Thank you for those responses..I am 20 weeks today and just felt my first flutter, I have been so anxious to feel it and it was a fanastic moment!


Lissi - May 20

At nearly 25 weeks, I feel my baby move everday. Sometimes she goes for a full 24 hours without sleeping (Hope this isn't a sign of things to come!) but sometimes she has sleepy days where I'll only feel the occasional, gentle movements. I have sometimes been anxious at her lack of movement and had to prod my belly a lot to get her to kick me which usually works, especially if I'm lying down. Just wait till you get to the point where you can actually see your stomach moving around! She's just started to do this and I love it!


hannah - May 22

one night i felt a couple of light prods in my belly, then the next day i felt light prods again, then they stopped for a couple of days, now i feel defiante kicks and pokes that don't hurt at all! But they make me jump, and i love feeling her move!


HP - May 22

I'm 21 wk. I started feeling my baby's movements about two weeks ago. Since then I feel his pokes about once or twice a day, especially at night when I lay flat on my back. Sometimes he skips a day or two without movement that I can feel, which makes me worried.. but people a__sure me that's normal because of his position, if he's close to my skin, I'll feel his movement stronger. Hopefully a couple more weeks, I'll be able to feel his movement all the time :)



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