How Often Is Sex Diagnosed Correctly

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Danielle - October 28

I was told I was having a boy. How often is the s_x diagnosed correctly during an ultrasound?I have heard many people say they said one thing and had another. I am 20 weeks.


Michelle - October 28

I dont know how often the doc is incorrect but mine told me that when they are wrong it is usually when they say it is a girl and happens to be a boy. Not that it cant be the other way around. I am worried also about him turning out to be a girl but my doc said he is 100% positive.


Kris - October 28

I heard the same thing. They are usually incorrect when they say it is a girl. I don't see how they can ever REALLY be 100% positive. I hear all the time about them being wrong. I am 18 weeks and haven't found out yet.


Mellissa - October 30

Never rely on this as a method for picking out clothes and nursery themes but, if they say it's a boy, it more than likely is. The reason some ultrasound techs are so nervous to share their "educated guess" about a baby's s_x is because they've been burned in the past by guessing incorrectly and having a very upset couple who spent a mint on the "wrong color". If the ultrasound tech saw a p___s and was sure it wasn't an arm or other part, then it probably was a p___s.


Jessica - October 31

I'm scared too. I went for an ultrasound at 21 weeks and she told me that it was deffinitely a girl. I was so sure it was going to be a boy because I had so much morning sickness during my first trimester and in my family that only happens with the boys for some reason. I'm happy with a girl and have already bought it some cute things so I am deffinitely scared it will be a boy coming home in a cute little pink outfit. :)


shan - November 4

At 20th week I was told Im having a girl. I was so happy as i already have two boys. But at my 22nd week they told me its a boy. very sad and guilty.



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